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Although today’s children’s playtime is dominated by digital technology, it is sometimes important to go back to basics, to simple and timeless games. The wooden puzzle is part of. This great classic toy box is a wonderful learning tool, playful and exciting. But, how to choose a wooden puzzle? Here are all our tips.

Find the best wooden puzzles (vertbaudet)

You now know all the important criteria for making your choice. To help you further, here is our selection of the 9 best wooden puzzles. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

1 | FSC vertbaudet giant crocodile alphabet puzzle: a puzzle to play and to decorate


A crocodile to learn the alphabet, what a funny idea! Here is a playful and educational puzzle, which once reconstituted, can even serve as a decorative element as it is beautiful. It helps learning and develops the child’s fine motor skills. Suitable for children from 3 years old, this crocodile puzzle consists of 26 pieces which all correspond to a letter and a different color, to obtain an ultra colorful alphabet.

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2 | Vertbaudet FSC wooden vehicle puzzle: the puzzle for learning about vehicles


Children generally love puzzles. They also love vehicles of all kinds. So, Vertbaudet created the wooden puzzle of the vehicles: a puzzle perfectly adapted to toddlers thanks to the large buttons to properly grasp the pieces. Dump truck, plane, train, boat… Your child will know the means of transport at their fingertips thanks to this puzzle and its 18 built-in vehicles.

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3 | Vertbaudet FSC wooden built-in letter puzzle: the puzzle for learning the alphabet


To learn the alphabet in a fun and effective way, here is a wooden puzzle made up of a panel and its letters to fit. It has a total of 26 letters of the alphabet painted in pastel, soft and trendy tones, covered for some with polka dots or stripes. Ideal from two years old, this wooden puzzle is the perfect tool for learning the alphabet in a fun way and stimulating the memory of toddlers.

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4 | Vertbaudet FSC wooden Forest button puzzle: the easy-to-learn puzzle


Doing a puzzle when you’re very young is not always easy. You have to know how to catch the wooden pieces and show dexterity to place them correctly. That’s why there are button puzzles like this. Each piece has a large knob for easy grip. Specially designed for toddlers, this wooden Forest button puzzle also has a background with drawn contours to facilitate play. Ideal from 10 months.

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5 | FSC vertbaudet wooden tangram puzzle: the 100% educational puzzle


Discover this original puzzle that is sure to make your toddler think. Indeed, this pretty tangram allows the child to reproduce the drawings presented on small boards with the various colored wooden shapes. In total, he will be able to enjoy 120 pieces and 5 wooden boards serving as models to reproduce shapes in acid colors. Suitable from 3 years old, this tangram helps develop concentration and reflection.

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6 | Vertbaudet FSC wooden magnetic world puzzle: a puzzle for learning geography


Discovering different countries while having fun is the goal of this lovely magnetic wooden puzzle. Ideal from 3 years old, it makes it easy to find your way around thanks to clues such as the Eiffel Tower for France or the penguins for Antarctica. A nice way to approach geography for toddlers and to learn while having fun. Practical, this educational puzzle can even be hung on the wall thanks to its red cord located on the top.

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7 | Puzzle My First Puzzle of Vertbaudet FSC wooden shapes: a puzzle for beginners


To take your first steps in the world of puzzles, there’s nothing like big pieces and big buttons. This is what Vertbaudet offers with this puzzle of FSC wooden shapes. Triangle, square, rectangle… Thanks to these basic geometric figures, the child approaches shapes, but also colors, without forgetting the principle of embedding. Ideal from 10 months.

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8 | Wooden puzzle Disney Lion King and Educa Jungle Book: the set of Disney puzzles


Signed Educa, this set of two Disney puzzles will delight your child. He will be able to collect the 50 pieces of each of these puzzles to discover at the end of the cult scenes from The Lion King and The Jungle Book, with their emblematic characters. From the age of 5, your child can try to reconstruct these two puzzles contained in one and the same box.

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9 | Enchanted forest 4-cube puzzle in FSC wood: the cube puzzle for beginners


Here is a nice puzzle made up of four cubes and a base. Ideal for beginners, this puzzle allows you to reconstitute six animals in total. Practical, it has reasonable dimensions that allow you to carry it wherever you want and slip it into your bag. Its soft and warm colors will delight the little ones. Indeed, you can offer this wooden puzzle from the baby’s ten months.

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How to choose a wooden puzzle?

Although at first glance, choosing a wooden puzzle may seem simple and obvious, in reality there are some criteria to consider before making your choice.

1 | Choose the wooden puzzle according to the age of the child

It is, one could say, the number 1 criterion to be respected. To choose your puzzle, take into account the age of your child. If at one year old, your toddler will gladly have fun with a wooden interlocking puzzle or a puzzle in stacking cubes, at 3 years old, he will want to go up a gear and piece together drawings.

Each wooden puzzle normally indicates the minimum age required to complete it. Among the main wooden puzzles, you will find built-in (or built-in) puzzles for the little ones, cubic puzzles, tactile or sensory puzzles or even educational puzzles.

2 | Opt for a wooden puzzle adapted to the rhythm of the child

Even if age is important, we must not forget that each child evolves at his own pace and that it is essential to respect it. It is not because at 6 years old the child is supposed to know how to make a puzzle of x pieces that he will necessarily be able to do so. The purpose of the puzzle is to allow the child to have a good time, not to discourage him.

3 | Consider the interests of the child

Choosing a wooden puzzle is also choosing a theme. Some children are passionate about nature, others about geography. The choice must therefore be made according to his universe and his centers of interest. Disney princesses, cartoon characters, animals, numbers, alphabet… Wooden puzzles come in all shapes and sizes and there’s something for everyone.

4 | Find a wooden puzzle that fits your budget

It is true that wooden puzzles are often more expensive than cardboard models. But, it is possible to find a wooden puzzle that suits your budget. Remember that the wooden puzzle is much stronger than the cardboard puzzle, so much better suited to young children. In addition, their manufacturing process is respectful of the environment and the health of the little ones. Wooden puzzles are environmentally friendly and durable.

5 | Check puzzle format and piece sizes

When choosing your puzzle, don’t forget to take into account the size of the pieces. It is true that most of the time, wooden puzzles are made up of sufficiently large pieces since they are aimed primarily at young children. But, it is a point to which you must pay attention for the safety of the little ones. Finally, the format of the puzzle is also important. If, for example, the game has to be moved for one reason or another, it is preferable that it be easily transportable.

And you ? Which wooden puzzle did you choose for your child?

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