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Since the dawn of time, the rattle is part of toys For Babe the most essential. In drink or plastic, sober or colorful, with bells or balls, it comes in many forms. real tool ofawakeningTHE rattle stimulates the toddler’s senses, develops his fine motor skills and promotes his openness to the world. What if we set out to discover this timeless gift from birth ?

Find the best baby rattles

What baby rattle buy ? Discover the selection of an expert mom, and share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Box of 3 Djeco rattles: a gripping and coordination game for babies


This very beautiful Djeco box contains three pretty wooden and silicone rattles. With their soft colors and shapes specially designed for infants’ tiny hands, these rattles will keep baby busy for hours! Strong and durable, this box is perfect for Christmas parties!

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2 | Hanoï wooden baby rattles: the choice of eco-responsible toys


Designed in FSC-certified wood, this set of 2 rattles is part of a responsible approach. Suitable from birth, these toys in the shape of cute diabolo animals are easily accessible to little hands. Equipped with pretty colored beads, they emit a noise when they move that will arouse baby’s curiosity. A perfect duo to sharpen your little one’s senses!

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3 | Vertbaudet hands and feet baby rattles: entertain baby to the rhythm of his movements


Are you looking for original rattles? Discover these rattles with bells in the shape of bracelets and slippers from the Vertbaudet brand. Made of very soft cotton on the theme of Tanzanian animals, they slip on baby’s feet and wrists. Result: as soon as your little cork fidgets, the bells begin to jingle happily. Something to amuse him and encourage him to develop his motor skills.

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4 | Vertbaudet wooden teddy bear baby rattle: a beautiful accessory with Scandinavian design


This adorable wooden teddy bear with 2 castors has a soft and refined style. Its natural black and white colors recall all the simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian design. Equipped with a mini abacus, this multifunction rattle will entertain baby in many ways. Aimed at young children from the age of 6 months, it is ideal for stimulating fine motor skills and encouraging the awakening of the senses.

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5 | Petit Dino comforter and rattle set: the essential duo to reassure and entertain baby


Timeless, this cuddly toy and rattle pack is ideal as a birth gift. It all starts with a pretty little blue pouch with a mysterious look. By plunging your hand into it, there is a round wooden and cotton rattle, sporting a cute dinosaur head. He is accompanied by his most faithful friend, the cotton gauze and jersey double-sided handkerchief comforter. A duo not to be missed!

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6 | Sophie la Girafe baby rattle: the pleasure of a teething ring to chew on


This plush rattle has the advantage of being 2 in 1: it allows baby both to have fun and to relieve teething. Its plush side with the effigy of the essential Sophie la Girafe has a bell. Your child will undoubtedly enjoy shaking it to hear it tinkle. But he will also enjoy chewing on the other side of the toy, which is nothing more than a teething ring with different textures; perfect for soothing sore gums!

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7 | Skip Hop Explore & More Fox baby rattle: a malleable toy for curious little ones


This cute little fox in autumn colors is nothing but a 100% ergonomic baby rattle. Thanks to its round shape, its flexible material, and its multiple holes, it has the advantage of being very easy to catch. Result: baby will enjoy shaking it, throwing it and chewing it all day long. Signed Skip Hop, this essential development toy is suitable for little ones from the age of 3 months.

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How to choose a baby rattle?

The market for baby rattles is infinitely vast. Rattle with handles, plush rattle, ring rattle, cuddly rattle… there is such a wide choice of models that you don’t know where to turn! So, what are the criteria for finding baby’s future favorite rattle? Here we go for some advice.

1 | Opt for a model adapted to the baby’s age

From their first weeks of life, young children love rattles. But you should know that the awakening toy ideal evolves according to the baby’s age. For an infant whose gestures are still awkward, we will favor a soft and light object, such as an organic cotton rattle for example. But for a toddler who puts everything in their mouth, a plastic rattle will probably be easier to clean.

2 | Check European safety standards

Sometimes chewed, hit, thrown or shaken, it is well known, a rattle for baby is always abused! And all it takes is one loose piece for the game to turn into a disaster. The golden rule is therefore: favor security over a cheap gadget! For this, the coveted rattle must imperatively meet European safety standards by bearing the CE or NF mention.

3 | Think about the special needs of the moment

Every child is different. Not everyone develops the same abilities at the same times. Depending on the period, some will be more sensitive to colors, others to sounds, still others to materials. So the best way to buy a rattle that will please baby is to target their preferences. And if your toddler is teething, the rattle teether will undoubtedly be the solution!

4 | Prefer a quality baby rattle

In the era of globalization, it is easy to unearth at a lower price trinkets from the other side of the world. But in addition to the not always ethical manufacturing conditions, the quality is sometimes not there either. So it is better to invest in a single rattle made in France rather than accumulating rattles low-end, whose lifespan is not optimal.

FAQ: answers to the most common questions about baby rattles

We answer the questions most frequently asked by parents regarding the choice of baby rattle.

From what age does baby start to play with his rattle?

From its first weeks of life, Babe observes his rattle carefully. However, it is only around 3 months that he will begin to be able to catch it, and really play with it.

How to choose your rattle?

A rattle must be adapted to the baby’s current needs. But also remember to always check its practicality and safety.

And you, what kind of rattle did you give baby?

By Maelys

Mother of an (objectively adorable) 3-year-old little one, Maelys enjoys sharing around the world of early childhood. On the way to a more conscious parenting, she does not hesitate to make a clean sweep of prejudices, but it is always with great kindness that she gives you her little advice!

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