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There music softens manners… well, when it is harmonious! Except that the sound produced by a baby hitting a musical toy especially gets on the nerves of his parents… However, toddlers love it so much explore soundsthat it is very tempting to offer them such awakening toy. Too bad for our ears.

Here is our selection of 9 best musical toys for your toddler.

Find the best musical toys for children

To make your toddler a future music lover, here is our Top of the musical toy for baby.

1 | Manibul Musical Awareness and Activity Center: perfect for apprentice musicians


The Manibul giant musical activity and awakening center offers 15 activities divided into 3 different parts: a musical part, a workshop part for sensory activities and the home side highlighting fine motor skills activities. Thanks to this toy, your children develop their hearing, their writing technique, their fine motor skills and their hand/eye coordination.

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2 | Tempobul wooden xylophone: for budding music lovers


The Tempobul Wooden Xylophone provides your child with hours of musical learning. He will develop his sensitivity to music and his fine motor skills. Made of wood and painted with water-based paint, this musical instrument is not dangerous for the health of your little one. He will tap on the different keys, discover the arpeggios and create his own pieces of music!

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3 | Vertbaudet activity and musical awakening table: multifunction!


For your baby’s first birthday, would you like to offer him a multi-functional awakening toy? Fall in love with this awakening table, made up of both visual and tactile discovery activities, and a variety of musical instruments. Your little one will be able to exercise his fine motor skills, such as stacking, scratching or moving, and produce pretty melodies and sounds on his xylophone or with his maracas or his cymbal. This FSC® wooden musical toy is available in two versions: blue/animals and pink/sun-rainbow.

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4 | Vertbaudet wooden musical walker and awakening trolley: let’s go to the music!


Your baby is starting to stand up and would like to discover the world around him? Give him this 3-in-1 walking cart, made of FSC® wood! In addition to helping your little one over the age of a year to walk around, it is a multifunctional development toy. It has coordination and dexterity games as well as a xylophone, a drum or even built-in maracas to develop baby’s hearing. The storage space in the back also allows your child to take their soft toys for a walk.

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5 | Set of three Vertbaudet instruments: percussion and Co.!


Do you want to introduce your little one to the use of musical instruments as soon as possible? Start with this set of 3 shaking drums: a pair of maracas, a tambourine and a bell handle. In painted FSC® wood and metal, they are designed to be easily handled by a baby from the age of 10 months. These miniature musical instruments are available in two versions. Will you choose the “rainbow” version, decorated with strips and small colored triangles, or the “pink” version with cherries and butterflies?

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6 | Vertbaudet wooden rain stick: awakening the senses…


What could be sweeter than the sound of marbles flowing into a rain stick? From birth, let your baby hear this strange soothing music to awaken him to the sounds. Later, when he is able to take the rain stick alone in his hands, he will exercise his motor coordination and enjoy playing the sound on his own. This instrument, with FSC® wooden ends, having a transparent plastic body, your little one is also fascinated by the mechanism of the multicolored balls passing through the various blue and red obstacles.

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7 | Vertbaudet wooden guitar: when the guitar itches baby!


Are you a fan of classical guitar? Does your little boy or girl over 3 years old want to play it like his dad or his mom? To introduce him gently, offer him this guitar in FSC® wood, which has everything of a great. Painted in pink, decorated with a rainbow, a cloud and a bird, it has 6 adjustable strings thanks to its rotary knobs and a pick; to strum the strings and play to be the greatest folk guitarist in the world!

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8 | Magic Touch Hape musical table: endless experiences!


Do you have twins or do you often babysit 2 or 3 children? Are you looking for a musical awakening toy with the possibility of playing with several people? This electronic table, made of high quality wood and plastic, is made for your little ones! With its 3 game modes, its 3 languages ​​and its multitude of tactile keys on the board, it offers an infinity of different games: recognition of instruments, shapes, colors, letters, etc. and the possibility of creating an orchestra!

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9 | Vtech Lumi Magic rainbow piano: real sound and light!


To introduce baby to music, are you looking for a playful, educational and solid instrument? Vtech is a safe bet in this area! The magic Lumi rainbow piano allows your little one to learn colors and numbers, in French and English, as well as to play music to the sound of various musical instruments. By following the included sheet music, he learns 2 known songs. In addition, this electric piano lights up at the level of the rainbow and congratulates baby to motivate him.

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How to choose a musical baby toy?

Remember that a musical toy remains above all a toy, with all the constraints that this implies in terms of safety standards. Even if the manufacturers strive to make their sounds as close as possible to a real musical instrument, your music lover’s ears may sometimes bleed. The correctness of the notes should therefore not be your first criterion of choice. Focus on these instead:

1 | The type of musical instrument

Imitation in miniature or in the form of a table or activity trolley, find all the musical instruments among the musical toys for babies and children:

  • xylophone,
  • guitar,
  • piano,
  • drum,
  • Tam Tam,
  • tambourine,
  • maracas,
  • castanets,
  • cymbal,
  • rain stick,
  • etc

2 | The age of the budding musician

As with any toy, check carefully what age it is intended for. Some musical toys are accessible to listening from birth, such as the rain stick, for example. Others can only be offered from 6 months, when the baby’s hands are able to hold objects, such as maracas. Finally, instruments that require good coordination of movements should be introduced to children from 3 or 5 years old, depending on the toy.

3 | The material of the awakening musical toy

The baby musical toys selected here are:

  • either in wood, mostly FSC®-labelled, i.e. wood from eco-managed forests;
  • either in plastic, solid and colored;
  • either in wood and plastic when necessary.

4 | Operation, manual or battery operated

Many musical toys for children have manual operation, allowing, among other things, the development of fine motor skills. To emit sounds, all you have to do is shake them, press or tap them, with or without a wand, turn them, rub them, pinch them, etc.

Many musical instruments or musical awakening tables require batteries to operate. Check if these are supplied with the device or if you need to stock up before offering the toy to your little one.

And you, what musical toy did you give your baby? Are you satisfied with it? Tell us everything in comments!

By Gwenaelle

Teacher from kindergarten to high school for more than 20 years, Gwenaëlle is the mother of six children, adults and children. Concerned about the safety and comfort of your toddlers, she is committed to helping young parents in their search for solutions to take care of their kids. She has made the description of childcare articles one of her specialties and puts her writing skills at your service.

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