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It’s well known that young children love to explore the world. But when you’re three apples tall, the house can quickly become a world of giants… So, to help baby rise to adult height, there’s nothing better than investing in a observation tower !

This inspired accessory Montessori has the advantage of being multifunctional. Whether it’s reaching for the sink to brush your teeth, lending a hand in the kitchen or grabbing an item of clothing from the top of the closet, the learning tower promotes independence for toddlers. small.

Find the best baby lookout towers

Which baby learning tower to buy? Discover the selection of an expert momand share your favorites in comments.

1 | Bianconiglio observation tower: the advantage of rear anti-fall safety

Bianconigliokids baby observation tower

The Evo Kidsafe learning tower by Bianconiglio has it all. Handcrafted in Italy, its natural wood offers an elegant style. Aesthetic but also practical, it weighs only 7 kilos, which is ideal for transporting it everywhere. And its little extra: its rear anti-fall system! A perfect accessory to encourage baby’s autonomy in complete safety.

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2 | Lea Atmosphera observation tower: an accessory that is both simple and effective

Observation tower for babies Léa Atmosphera

Entirely made of pine wood, the Lea Atmosphera observation tower features a minimalist design. This refined and safe accessory will happily accompany baby throughout the day. Very robust, this learning tower for children can support up to 150 kilos. Stable and intuitive, it will follow you for many years without taking a wrinkle.

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3 | Nono Pimpampoum observation tower: a Montessori tower with a soft and refined style

Nono PimPamPoum baby observation tower

This birch plywood learning tower sports a simple, modern and elegant design. Made in Poland, it is suitable for children from 1 to 5 years old. Ideal for practicing all kinds of daily activities, it will appeal to all little explorers! Its 12 centimeter high step allows toddlers to easily climb onto the platform. On the road to adventure!

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4 | Vertbaudet observation tower: the pleasure of Scandinavian design

Vertbaudet baby observation tower

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this pretty vertbaudet learning tower: all in white lacquered wood, with a beeswax finish, it undeniably combines sobriety and elegance. But this observation tower is not only a pleasure for the eyes, it is also very practical. Equipped with a small step and a safety bar, it will quickly become baby’s favorite accessory.

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5 | Homcom observation tower: an adjustable platform on 3 levels

HomCom Baby Observation Tower

Particularly ergonomic, the Homcom observation tower has several functions. Equipped with an adjustable platform on 3 levels, it is suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years. Designed in non-toxic and odorless HDPE, it is easy to assemble. As for its non-slip pads, they ensure optimal stability. Don’t miss this 100% simple and effective scalable learning tower.

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6 | Felix Tissi observation tower: an evolving tool inspired by Montessori

Felix Tissi baby observation tower

Made in Poland from natural solid beech wood, this observation tower is inspired by the pedagogy of Maria Montessori. Intended for children from 1 to 4 years old, it has height-adjustable feet. So this learning tower grows at the same rate as your toddler! Very solid, and fitted with safety barriers, it will quickly become baby’s favorite accessory.

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7 | AT4 observation tower: an adjustable platform on 2 levels

AT4 Baby Observation Tower

Are you looking for a scalable wooden observation tower? Discover the AT4 model entirely made of natural beech wood. Equipped with a small access step and a secure ramp, it allows baby to climb in complete safety. Adjustable to 2 heights, it will suit both toddlers who are learning to walk and more skilful children. Let’s go to discover the world!

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8 | MeowBaby observation tower: a double function piece of furniture

MeowBaby Baby Observation Tower

This observation stool assumes the role of a kitchen assistant. It allows young children to indulge in the pleasures of the stove; the opportunity to share privileged moments with the family! Made of natural wood covered with ecological wax, this learning tower offers several undeniable advantages: adjustable in height on 3 levels, it also has a slate for drawing.

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9 | Bobochic & PimPamPoum observation tower: a Montessori tower with office option

Bobochic x PimPamPoum observation tower

Made of birch plywood, this learning tower offers a minimalist and elegant style. Compact, it can easily be transported to any room in the house. Thanks to its scalable platform, it will adapt perfectly to the size of your child. Its little extra? Its double function of course! In a single gesture, the Bobochic x PimPamPoum observation tower turns into a baby desk.

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How to choose a baby viewing tower?

This little description was enough to arouse your curiosity. It’s decided, you’re going to buy a baby observation tower! And good news, there is a wide choice of models. But how to find the learning tower perfect for your (adorable) toddler? Don’t panic, here are some tips.

1 | Opt for a quality material

Did you know ? A Montessori observation tower can be used for many years. It will certainly become a real everyday ally! It is therefore better to think about long-term investment, choosing a quality product. This purchase will quickly pay for itself! And without a doubt, wood is one of the most suitable materials, combining nobility, solidity and refined design.

2 | Check safety standards

When buying a baby viewing tower, you should always make sure that it is security. To do this, do not hesitate to check that the desired object does indeed meet European standards EN 71 and EN 72. These relate to the mechanical and physical properties of all children’s toys. Do you have any doubts about a learning tower? Check if it displays the CE logo!

3 | Think about the possible constraints

While the baby learning tower is undeniably a great tool, it’s still a little cumbersome. Especially if you live in a tight space, it can be difficult to find a place for it. It is therefore best to understand these small details beforehand, for example by opting for a foldable observation tower. Simple, quick and effective tip.

4 | Prefer an adjustable platform

Last but not least: a good observation tower is above all an observation tower adapted to… your baby! It should be neither too big nor too small, in order to correspond to the size of the child. Good to know: there are so-called evolutionary learning towers, which are height-adjustable. Thanks to their different levels, they allow a tailor-made use.

FAQ: answers to the most common questions about baby observation towers

We answer the most common questions parents ask about learning towers.

From what age can baby use an observation tower?

From its first steps, Babe can start using a observation towergenerally between 12 and 18 months depending on the children.

How to maintain a baby observation tower?

To maintain a observation tower in natural woodjust wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth, to which it is possible to add a little hot water and baking soda.

And you, which model of observation tower did you choose for baby?

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