TOP 10 children’s logic game

Do you want to awaken your child as soon as possible? You can bring him there from a very young age… thanks to the game! By offering him logic games and educational gamesyou help him develop his cognitive skills.

By manipulating, practicing, making mistakes, starting over and finally finding the solution, your little one acquires fundamental knowledge, without realizing it, and above all, while having fun.

Discover our Top 10 logic games for kids selected for you.

Find the best logic games for kids

Discover now our Top 10 children’s logic game !

1 | Vertbaudet fitness center: everyone in good shape on the farm!

House of Vertbaudet forms

Rediscover the famous shape fitting game of your childhood and give it to your baby for his first birthday. Here, it is in a small FSC® wooden truss that your little one must insert a star, a square, a rectangle, a circle, a trapezium, a hexagon, etc. The forms fall inside, in a drawer covered with noise-reducing felt. They are painted in pretty colors and represent animals, which allows your child to invent stories of horses, cows, pigs and farmyards.

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2 | My First Dominos Taf Toys: evolving dominoes game

My First Dominos Taf Toys

Do you want to introduce your baby to dominoes, from 18 months? Choose this game of large dominoes, easily handled by children’s little hands. Scalable, it offers 4 different activities: an interlocking game, learning colors, numbers and animals, the classic game of dominoes and a dexterity game with a “domino rally” to make the cascading fall. Hours of fun in perspective!

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3 | Vertbaudet stacking shape game: what a puzzle!

Vertbaudet Stacking Shapes Game

Does your baby enjoy stacking rings on a rod? For his 2nd birthday, increase the difficulty of his favorite game and give him his first puzzle. Here he must stack circles, triangles, squares and rectangles on sticks with spikes. In addition to learning the names of the shapes, your little one needs insight, observation and dexterity to succeed. This game is made of FSC® wood and painted in the colors of autumn.

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4 | Vertbaudet wooden memo game: pretty animal memory

Vertbaudet Wooden Memo Game

Are you looking for a memory game resistant to the onslaught of your toddler’s little hands, which also puts everything in their mouths? Fall for this wooden memory game model. This is made up of 24 pucks, i.e. 12 pairs to be reconstituted. There are 12 animals, land, sea, extinct or domestic, which allows you to add many games: sorting, place of life, story, etc. The Memo game comes in a nice cotton carry bag.

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5 | Vertbaudet shape and color sorting box: a matching game

Vertbaudet shape and color sorting box

Here is an original logic game that allows your toddler, from the age of 2, to learn to sort. With a large box with slots and 3 rulers decorated with shapes, objects or colored animals, your little one must find which slot to insert each of the 30 decorated boards into. The game is scalable, at first very simple by associating the circle with the circle or the red with the red. Later, your toddler can assign the black and white whale to the glasses of the same colors, and thus create the funniest associations.

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6 | Box of 50 classic Vertbaudet wooden games: relive the games of your childhood

Box of 50 classic Vertbaudet wooden games

Do you remember the famous game case that was with your parents, or even your grandparents, that you took out when you met up with cousins? Well, perpetuate this family tradition with this box of 50 classic games, with a design revisited by Vertbaudet. Made of FSC® wood, it contains everything you need to play small horses, checkers, goose games, etc. with your children over 3 years old.

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7 | Vertbaudet wooden built-in word puzzle: learning to read

Vertbaudet wooden built-in word puzzle

To learn to recognize letters, nothing beats manipulating them. Indeed, it promotes visual memory and haptic memory, that of touch. On each of the 6 FSC® wooden boards of this interlocking game, there is a design on each side and the shape of its name next to it. Your toddler aged 3 and over comes to insert the necessary letters. The word can then be read globally. This reading and writing puzzle can also be played with several people like a bingo. Who will fill in their word first?

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8 | Sudoku of vertbaudet colors: endless fun to play!

Vertbaudet Color Sudoku

Are you a sudoku fan? Do you want to pass this passion on to your children? Initiating them on paper is not necessarily the easiest. So give them this FSC® wooden sudoku model, which allows them to play in a classic way with numbers or, for the youngest from 3 years old, with colors. To start, the game comes with 5 pre-filled cards. Then, just use the blank form to complete and find grids of increasing levels on the Internet. The pawns are stored in a pretty cotton pouch.

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9 | Trio association puzzle Vertbaudet animals: who eats what and who lives where?

Trio association puzzle The animals vertbaudet

Want to teach your 3+ year old the names of animals, what they eat and where they live? Do it with this trio association puzzle. Each of the 15 cardboard cards is a 3-piece puzzle consisting of an animal on the left, its food in the center and its habitat on the right. The color of the background map provides a clue. However, your presence next to your toddler is essential to name the elements and validate the good associations.

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10 | Car to build and DIY in Vertbaudet wood: long live the mechanics!

Car to build and DIY in wood vertbaudet

Do you yearn for the mechanic of your childhood? Give this FSC® wooden car to build to your child and teach him how to follow the assembly plan and create the racing car of his (your?) dreams! Screwdrivers, wrenches, screws, bolts, etc., everything is provided to build and then repair the car in the event of a breakdown. Does the basic model eventually tire your toddler over 3 years old? He can invent his own vehicle, no matter how wacky!

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Why offer an educational game to a child?

Many studies prove it, children learn by playing. This promotes their cognitive development. It has also been shown that ” preschoolers participating in complex block games had long-term benefits in their math skills » or even that in « frequently playing with literacy materials (they) were more likely to become spontaneous readers “.

This is why the Kindergarten Curricula give pride of place to learning through play, right from their second paragraph: 2.1 Learn by playing And 2.2 Learning by reflecting and solving concrete problems.

So what could be better for your toddler than the logic puzzle games !

How to choose a logic game for children?

As with any game or toy, the educational game must meet certain selection criteria, which we list here.

1 | Child’s age

The logic and educational games in our selection are intended for children from 1 to… 101 years old! Indeed, some board games are played as a family. So check carefully for which age group the game was designed, and this for two things:

  • The educational aspect: if you offer a game that is too complicated to a child, he will not take any pleasure in it, because he will fail too quickly and he will turn away from it. Conversely, a game that is too easy will have little interest for a little one who is thirsty to learn, by encountering a few obstacles and being able to overcome them.
  • The safety aspect: do not offer a baby under the age of 3 a game that is prohibited for this age group. He could indeed choke on putting small game pieces in his mouth.

2 | The type of logic game

Among our very varied selection, find games leading to the learning of mathematics, reading, sorting, cause and effect relationships, mechanics, etc. Many are complementary. Don’t stop your choice at just one game!

3 | The availability of parents

Unlike imitation games, such as dolls, crafts or dinette, the logic game requires the presence of an adult, an older brother or sister, who often already knows how to read, with the child:

  • at the start to explain the rules or name the different elements;
  • throughout the game in the case of games that are played by several people;
  • at the end to validate or not the result obtained by the child.

If you offer a logic game to your toddler, try as much as possible to be available for him!

4 | Design

Here, it’s all about your tastes. Choose the images, colors or materials you like.

5 | The materials

In this selection of logic games, we have chosen eco-responsibility and ethics. The games are made of FSC® wood, that is to say from eco-managed forests, cardboard, organic fabric or any other recyclable material and manufactured with respect for the environment and people.

And you, what are your favorite logic games for children? Tell us everything in comments!

By Gwenaelle

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