How to prepare well for the start of the school year with Cultura?

School has just ended! You have archived the exercise books for the year and emptied your children’s school bags. Everything is ready to start as it should, these two months of vacation! But, you must already be thinking about the next school year. You who thought you were blowing with school, your children have come home with their list of supplies for September.

In the summer, two teams of parents compete against each other. Those who prefer to tackle school supplies before going on vacation and those who decide to take advantage of them before then to get started at the last moment. To help parents, Cultura offers the essential school supplies. Whether they are in elementary, middle or high school, your children will find what they are looking for.

5 reasons to choose Cultura for your child’s school supplies

Discover our 5 reasons to buy your children’s school supplies at Cultura.

1 | A large choice of diaries

The agenda is unquestionably the hit of school supplies with the school bag and pencil case. In the effigy of their stars or heroes, our children generally choose it with attention and care. For better use, preferably choose a daily planner. So your children will have enough space to write all their homework. Kawaï, Harry Potter, sports club, Pokémon… the Cultura brand offers a wide choice of diaries. They are sure to find the one that will motivate them throughout this new year!

2 | Original and quality kits

Cultura sells a large selection of back-to-school kits for our toddlers. This accessory, used daily, is very often abused by our children. It is therefore necessary to choose it robust and of quality. This will save you from having to buy another one during the year. The brand offers kits with two compartments. Very practical for storing all the equipment needed to work well. Your children can also go for an Eastpak pencil case, the favorite brand of CM adults and college students.

3 | Notebooks of all kinds

Have you read the college entrance supplies list? Each teacher has their own requirements: 1 large format notebook with small squares with spirals 180 pages, 2 large notebooks without spirals with large squares with 192 pages… There is enough to tear your hair out! Cultura makes your life easier by offering you all the notebooks requested by teachers.

4 | Pens galore fun for all kids

Did you know that the trend of the moment was the 4-color pen? Cultura offers all kinds to please our children. Erasable pens are also popular. Your children will surely find their happiness in the shelves of the sign. Nevertheless, teachers generally prefer simple ballpoint pens. Again, the choice is yours!

5 | Colorful and quality satchels and school bags

From kindergarten, your children need a school bag. This is the only supply they will need from the age of 3. Cultura offers pretty little colorful and sturdy bags for the little ones. For older children, the brand offers a large choice of school bags, particularly from Tann’s, a favorite brand of parents for its quality and robustness.

And you, do you do the back-to-school shopping at Cultura?

By Elodie

Mother of two children, Elodie recently joined the team to share her vision of a caring and smiling parenthood. Discreet, sensitive and attentive, she pays a lot of attention to others, especially children. Anxious to offer you precise articles, she devotes time and energy to finding the right words, those that will speak to you naturally.

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