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Is your child a fan of the famous Harry Potter fantasy series? It is true that this little wizard has seduced young and old over the different episodes. From his entrance to the school of wizards to the Deathly Hallows, he knew how to soften us and captivate all our attention.

So, if your child is an unconditional fan of the saga, it’s a good thing, since you already have a great gift idea! Yes, but how to choose THE Harry Potter toy that will make him happy? Come on, we help you make the right choice.

How to choose a Harry Potter toy?

Does your child dress up as Harry Potter? He knows the lines of the different episodes by heart? He’s a fan, there’s no doubt. So, to please him, a harry potter toy would be a great idea!

But, the list of toys bearing the image of the little wizard is long. To help you make the right choice, we have prepared a series of tips to follow scrupulously.

1 | Choose an age-appropriate Harry Potter toy

Like any good self-respecting toy, the harry potter game must be adapted to the age of your child. You would not offer a disguise of the famous wizard to your 15 year old teenager for example. Similarly, there are Harry Potter board games that are far too complicated for some children. You must therefore trust your instincts, but above all the indications on the packaging. Each toy specifically mentions the age for which it is intended. So, pay close attention to this information, because if a game that is too difficult will quickly discourage your child, a game that is too easy will quickly be left aside.

2 | Choose a type of Harry Potter toy that suits your child

Just because your child is a fan of the series doesn’t mean every Harry Potter toy is made for them. If he is not a fan of puzzles, for example, there is no need to offer him one, even if he retraces certain mythical passages from the series. Consider your child’s tastes carefully. Does he like to dress up? Does he play board games? Does he prefer construction games? Or does he collect figurines from the series? Remember that the goal is to please above all.

3 | Bet on a Harry Potter toy that respects your budget

Toys in the likeness of mythical characters from series or cartoons tend to be expensive. So, even if you want to please at all costs, preserve your budget. There is no magic trick to bail it out! But, there are Harry Potter toys at very reasonable prices, and if it’s a Christmas present, a little advice: anticipate your purchases, toys are always cheaper in November.

4 | Take a minimum interest in the saga

You are not told to watch all of the films in the series signed JKRowling, but you must have a minimum of knowledge on the subject to make the right choice. Your child is a fan of the show, but may have character preferences.

Is he more of a fan of Hermione Granger? From Ron Weasley? From Albus Dumbledore? You should know a minimum of things about the series before making your purchase. So why not offer your child a “Harry Potter marathon” for your next weekend? It will please him for sure and you will be able to refine your knowledge by immersing yourself in this fantastic universe.

Selection of the best Harry Potter toys

Now you know the main criteria to take into account when choosing the Harry Potter toy for your child. But, to go further and help you more, we have compiled a selection of the best Harry Potter toys. Discover it quickly and don’t hesitate to share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Magicobus Harry Potter Lego: the mythical English bus of the series


Immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter and embark on the miniature version of the Magicobus for a spellbinding adventure. This Lego English double-decker bus comes with three Harry Potter minifigures, a bed, a chandelier and a range of accessories to recreate scenes from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Suitable for children from 8 years old, this game is sure to tickle your child’s creativity, patience and concentration.

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2 | Hogwarts Lego clock tower: the essential monument of the series


The clock tower of Hogwarts Harry Potter, these are emblematic places of the series and 8 figurines to dive into the fantastic universe of the famous little wizard. In total, you will find more than 900 pieces to assemble before you can enjoy the game. Whether traveling through time or visiting Dumbledore’s office, the Hogwarts clock tower is stunningly realistic.

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3 | Harry Potter costume with wand and glasses: the essential element to put yourself in the shoes of the famous wizard


A turn of the magic wand and here is your toddler in the skin of the famous little English wizard. This Harry Potter disguise does not forget any detail: from the wand to the glasses, it is literally complete. Your child will enjoy slipping into the skin of their favorite character with this officially licensed costume. It includes a tunic with a printed top, a wand and a pair of glasses.

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4 | Harry Potter Nathan Wizarding War Jigsaw Puzzle 1,000 Pieces


Is your child a fan of Harry Potter? Is he also a fan of puzzles? So hit the bullseye with this Harry Potter Wizarding War puzzle. Its 1,000 pieces monopolize your toddler’s attention before plunging him into the world of the famous wizard. Your child can then start it again, or exhibit it since the images chosen by Nathan to make his puzzles benefit from a very high quality of printing.

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5 | Ravensburger Harry Potter Labyrinth board game: a board game to share with the family


To play with family or friends, Ravensburger has created the Labyrinth board game. The aim of the game ? Find the famous residents of Hogwarts. It’s up to you to slide the dead ends to form paths that will lead you to Hagrid, Hermione, Edwige and many others. The rules of the game are simple and the games promise to be thrilling. Labyrinth comes with a game board, game rules, 4 pawns, 34 tiles and 24 cards.

Read the full product sheet

6 | Board game A year at Hogwarts Harry Potter Topi Games: a game that offers several possibilities


Become a student of the famous school of Harry Potter with this board game from Topi Games. Interesting, it offers three different game modes allowing you to take part in Quidditch matches, take your exams… in short, live all the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends. Suitable from 7 years old, this game contains 3 additional boards, 210 cards, 15 character sheets and numerous pawns and tokens.

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7 | Mattel Voldemort and Harry Potter doll: collectible figurines


Does your child collect characters from the Harry Potter saga? It’s time to complete it with these two Harry Potter and Voldemort dolls. Your child can display them, or relive iconic scenes like the epic duel between Harry and Lord Voldemort. With flexible necks and limbs, these dolls are ideal for spellbinding poses and action play.

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8 | Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter Winning Moves Edition: an original version


Discover or rediscover the famous game Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter version. With it, you will be able to determine who is the biggest fan of the series thanks to the 1,800 questions. Divided into 6 categories, they allow you to test your knowledge. This game by Winning Moves is a very nice adaptation of the famous Trivial Pursuit board game to play with family or friends.

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9 | Board game Who is it? Harry Potter Winning Moves Edition: The Revisited Version


Once again, Winning Moves revisits a famous board game. This time it’s Who is it? which sees its Harry Potter version appear. The principle of the game is the same: discover your opponent’s character by asking a series of questions. Except that here the mystery character came straight out of an episode of the Harry Potter series.

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And you ? Which Harry Potter game did you choose for your child?

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