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When you are a parent or grandparent, you like to please children, but also have a good time with them. So when you are nostalgic for games of yesteryear or you like authentic things, you naturally go for wooden toys or wooden board games.

These timeless games often offer long moments of sharing. But how to choose a wooden board game to be sure to please?

How to choose a wooden board game?

How to choose a wooden board game? Discover the main criteria to help you in your choice.

1 | Choose a developmentally appropriate game

Depending on the age of the child and his stage of development, the choice of wooden board game is not the same. For the youngest, favor games that require little setup and whose playing time is relatively short.

The ideal is to choose a game that can be played in different versions or with an evolving level of difficulty. It can thus correspond to siblings of different ages or satisfy the interests of a child which evolve over time.

2 | Opt for an attractive design

Despite the traditional image that wooden board games may have, not all of them have a sober and discreet design. Elegance and sobriety may certainly appeal to adults, but arouse little interest in toddlers.

For the youngest, favor fun and colorful universes that amuse at first glance. Today, brands call on designers and artists who create original atmospheres. You therefore have the choice to select the one that best suits the taste of the child.

3 | Check if it is a solid wood or chipboard board game

Wooden board game does not necessarily mean that it is solid wood. It can also be chipboard or plywood. If solid wood is to be preferred for a question of quality and durability, it is also much more expensive. This is why it generally concerns small rooms and not necessarily larger elements.

However, don’t consider chipboard board games as low-end games. They are also very hardy and can be passed down from generation to generation. In addition, many brands now use wood from sustainably managed forests, which is an additional guarantee of quality.

Selection of the best wooden board games

Which wooden board game to buy? Discover our selection, made by an expert mom in the subject and share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Carrefour Wooden wooden Tetris animal puzzle: funny and colorful animals


“There were big crocodiles and orangutans, ugly reptiles and pretty white sheep, lalala lalalere…”. Do you know this nursery rhyme describing a happy menagerie? This wooden board game is a bit like the illustration of this song. Colorful and funky animals mingle with each other to form a nice balance game or a Tetris-style puzzle. The most creative use them to invent and animate stories. This wooden game is made up of 17 elements and is suitable for children from 3 years old.

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2 | Carrefour Wooden wooden memory game: an original memory game


Have you ever seen a memory game that looks like solitaire? With its round wooden tray and its pawns, this is what the Carrefour Wooden brand offers. Suitable for children from 5 years old and adults, this memory game is very easy to use and allows you to spend very good times with your family. The goal of the game: find 2 pawns of the same color to keep them and expand your collection. The simple rules may be suitable for younger children, but beware of small parts, especially for children under 36 months.

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3 | Carrefour Wooden memory and association game: 2 board games


It’s not always easy to find board games suitable for young children and their small hands. Yet this is what Carrefour Wooden offers with this wooden board game designed for children from 2 years old. This is a memory composed of 28 cards representing 14 colored animals. In addition to the memory game, it is possible to use the cards to make associations and pair the animals without hiding them. We love this 2-in-1 wooden game that comes in a pretty storage box.

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4 | Carrefour Wooden dominoes game: a famous game for all generations


Who has never played dominoes? This very simple wooden board game whose origins are very old has been revisited by Carrefour Wooden to adapt to children who cannot count. Instead of associating numbers between them, it is necessary here to associate elephants, zebras or even birds. The designs are beautiful, the colors are joyful and the 28 pieces can be stored in a small natural wooden box that allows you to take the game anywhere. And finally, its price is very low. A timeless gift that will inevitably have its effect!

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5 | Carrefour Wooden angling game: a fun association game


With this wooden board game from Carrefour Wooden, little fish swim in the sea among crabs, whales and octopuses. Who will fish for the ones with the most points? Just play to find out! The box includes 2 fishing rods, but also 1 colored dice and cards to change the rules according to the age of the children. The youngest from 3 years old will love this fun angling version which is probably one of the most complete on the market.

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6 | Carrefour Wooden wooden maze: with a magnetic stylus


It’s a pretty universe that Carrefour Wooden has chosen as the design for this wooden maze. Thanks to the magnetic stylus, the child must bring the animals the balls of the right color. They work on their logic, visual recognition and fine motor skills. The little ones quickly get caught up in the game and make a lot of effort to get to the end of the road. Whether your child has a persevering nature or not, you will probably be surprised at how patient they will be!

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7 | Discover who I am in wood Carrefour Wooden: a board game of observation and deduction


Find out who I am is a wooden board game to play like grown-ups. The goal of the game: discover the character hidden by his opponent by asking questions that can only be answered with yes or no. All parents have played a more complex version of this game when they were young, and are now delighted to introduce their children to it in an adapted version from the age of 3. The set includes 2 boards of 16 characters each, and 16 cards that make up the deck.

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8 | Carrefour Wooden game box: 10 traditional board games


Do you remember the boxes of our grandparents which included several board games such as small horses, chess or even backgammon? Carrefour Wooden was inspired by these boxes to satisfy the most nostalgic. With 10 traditional games, the boredom of a rainy Sunday afternoon is over! You will play games and your children will love spending time with you.

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And you, have you offered a wooden board game to your child?

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