Mon P’tit Club: developing motor skills through physical and fun activities

Young children have a natural and universal need: to experiment through the body. To channel their energy, develop their motor skills, but also introduce them to the pleasure of regular physical activity, Mon P’tit Club has come up with an innovative device.

What is Mon P’tit Club?

Designed by sports and early childhood professionals, Mon P’tit Club offers parents, childminders and nurseries complete gym-learning programs for toddlers from 1 to 5 years old. The brand offers two offers, one addressed to parents, and the other addressed to childminders and nurseries.

Both include unlimited access to the entire educational program, accompanied by a material kit delivered to your home, as well as access to support to help set up the activities. The offer for early childhood professionals includes a bonus of 4 interactive lesson videos. Get 15% off with promo code JESUISPAPA15!

7 reasons to trust Mon P’tit Club?

Mon P’tit Club brings many benefits to children. Here are 7 reasons to opt for this turnkey kit!

1 | Make pedagogy and pleasure rhyme

Mon P’tit Club is above all the desire to offer the youngest a wealth of motor and sensory experiences, in a structured and secure environment, while cultivating curiosity and pleasure.

2 | Stimulate psychomotor development

Through a series of adapted games and exercises, learning about the gym is a great tool for developing the motor skills and creativity of toddlers. This discipline allows you to gain physical ease, by working on many physical skills, such as movement control, balance, or coordination. It is also a way to learn about the pleasures of sport from an early age. Regular sporting activity is conducive to physical and psychological well-being.

3 | Strengthen attention skills

Contrary to popular belief, the virtues of awakening to the gym are not only motor. Indeed, these body workshops necessarily imply rules to be respected. Thanks to simple and attractive instructions, young children gradually learn to pay attention to instructions. They then strengthen their ability to listen, understand and concentrate; essential qualities in many areas, and throughout life.

4 | Live a playful and collective moment

It is well known that toddlers learn mainly through play. It is therefore important to offer them playful gymnastic workshops. Mon P’tit Club wants above all to be a pleasant immersion in the sporting world, far from rigid or restrictive practices.

It invites the child to live, gently, and of his own free will, new sensory experiences. Through the 5 senses, it is a question of opening up to the world like setting out to discover oneself.

5 | Alongside an expert team

But who is hiding behind Mon P’tit Club? A passionate and experienced team with varied profiles! The project is the result of a great collaboration between sports educators and early childhood specialists. Together, they achieve an ambitious goal: to design a gym-awakening program specifically adapted to young children.

6 | Use high quality media

This complete program divided into 3 progressive cycles is aimed at children aged 1 to 5 years. It consists of 36 videos, explaining in detail the setting up of the workshop, its educational interests, and offering scenarios, as well as various advice to optimize support.

Options also make it possible to vary the pleasures, and to fully adapt to the rhythm of the child. Everything is accompanied by a professional quality hardware kit delivered to your home.

7 | Discover a program accessible to all

You don’t need to be an expert in the field of sport to benefit from the Mon P’tit Club offer. On the contrary, the company has only one precious adage: “a healthy mind in a healthy body“. She therefore wishes to make the benefits of awakening to the gym accessible to as many people as possible.

The program is specifically designed to guide the user step by step throughout the adventure. In addition, an expert team is available to answer any questions and difficulties.

And you, would you be ready to trust Mon P’tit Club?

By Maelys

Mother of an (objectively adorable) 3-year-old little one, Maelys enjoys sharing around the world of early childhood. On the way to a more conscious parenting, she does not hesitate to make a clean sweep of prejudices, but it is always with great kindness that she gives you her little advice!

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