Pandacraft: educational kits to discover the world as a family

It is well known, children love to tinker, explore and discover new things. And Pandacraft is an excellent medium for feeding them and quenching their thirst for learning. These creative and scientific kits allow them to experiment, discover for themselves and become knowledgeable about subjects that fascinate them (animals, history, science, etc.).

The advantage? Each month, the little subscribers receive a kit with a manual activity and an educational magazine. Children are led to cut, paste, create, manufacture, discover and learn. A pleasure shared between children and their parents!

What is Pandacraft?

The Pandacraft children’s box consists of a complete kit:

  • the material needed to carry out a manual activity related to the theme of the month;
  • a very detailed assembly plan of the construction to be carried out;
  • a magazine written by journalists, often accompanied by experts to find out more about the subject of the month.

Practical, all the material is sent in a cardboard envelope that fits in the mailbox and does not take up space!

6 reasons to subscribe your child to the Pandacraft box

Here are 6 reasons to subscribe your child to the Pandacraft box.

1 | Receive a kit with more than 1 hour of activity each month

We know how much children love to receive mail! By subscribing your little handyman to Pandacraft, he will have the pleasure of discovering a kit in his name every month in his mailbox. Inside ? Nearly 1 hour of activity, a 32-page magazine to read and additional content to discover to deepen the theme of the month. The monthly subscription is €9.90 per month for the non-binding version.

2 | Develop your child’s curiosity with various themes

Each month, your curious little one receives a kit adapted to his age to learn everything about a subject (teeth in September, forests in October, painting in November, Greek mythology in December, etc.). Pandacraft arouses his curiosity and brings him a lot of information and knowledge. Enough to become unbeatable on many exciting subjects!

3 | Create a bond with your child by spending quality time with your family

Do you like spending time with your children, but are regularly short of ideas about what to do? With Pandacraft, it’s the assurance of having one fun and interesting activity per month to do as a family. The magazine, included in the box, offers the possibility of continuing quietly on the sofa or in bed for evening reading.

4 | Offer activities away from screens

Television, video game, tablet, telephone… our daily life and that of our children is invaded by screens. Without wanting to demonize these media, it is important that children reduce the time spent in front of the TV. Pandacraft is a good solution to reconnect with activity, creation and DIY. These kits allow children to take care of themselves and have fun as a family away from screens.

5 | Offer age-appropriate activities for your child

To each his own kit! Pandacraft offers two product lines depending on the age of your child:

  • The Explore range is aimed at children from 3 to 7 years old. This subscription promises an exceptional moment of sharing with your child. Each month, the box includes a creative activity, to be carried out with 4 hands, allowing you to discover the world and a magazine. Perfect for creating and maintaining a bond between you and your child.
  • The Makers range is designed for children 8 to 12 years old. This box includes a scientific activity called STEAM (Sciences, Technos, Engineering, Arts and Maths) to question the world. Pandacraft offers children the opportunity to learn and understand for themselves while developing their critical thinking. The box also includes a magazine to explore the famous “how” and “why” of everyday life!

6 | Allow your child to learn on their own

Like Montessori pedagogy, Pandacraft places the child at the heart of the activity and allows him to learn for himself. The team of experts, made up of designers and journalists, advocates a pedagogy of active discovery. These educational and scientific kits allow children to develop the 4 Cs, allowing them to achieve:

  • Curiosity. Pandacraft piques children’s curiosity and makes it easier for them to learn.
  • Creativity. Giving free rein to the child’s creativity and individuality allows him to discover his full potential.
  • Self-confidence. Discovering by oneself, searching and trial and error is a source of learning that helps develop self-confidence.
  • Cooperation. Collaborating allows emulation, exchange and sharing of discoveries.

And you, do your children like the box pandacraft?

By Elodie

Mother of two children, Elodie recently joined the team to share her vision of a caring and smiling parenthood. Discreet, sensitive and attentive, she pays a lot of attention to others, especially children. Anxious to offer you precise articles, she devotes time and energy to finding the right words, those that will speak to you naturally.

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