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The wooden dinette is one of the favorite toys of toddlers. Whether they are boys or girls, children love to imitate their parents, concoct good meals and spend time in the kitchen. Playful and educational, the dinette also allows the little ones to identify foods, fruits and vegetables while having fun.

So, if you want to please a child for his birthday or for Christmas, know that the wooden dinette is timeless. But, how to choose the one that will please for sure? Discover all our advice and opt for the ideal wooden dinette for your child.

How to choose a wooden dinette for children?

Even if on paper, choosing a wooden dinette seems simple, you will quickly realize that it is not so simple. Between the different models, their various functions and the materials used, there is something to get lost in. Rest assured, we have prepared a list of details to consider when choosing the ideal children’s wooden dinette.

1 | Check the quality

Quality is an important criterion. Children often tend to abuse their toys, especially when they have several parts. It is therefore essential to choose a quality wooden dinette, resistant to all kinds of shocks. The wooden ones are by far the strongest.

In addition, they do not contain any substances dangerous to the health of children, unlike many plastic models. Finally, wooden toys are also environmentally friendly. You make your child happy while doing something for the environment.

2 | Select a dinette appropriate to the age of the child

Most wooden tea sets are suitable for children from 3 years old. However, it is important to take a look at the product label. Indeed, some tea sets may contain very small objects that could be ingested by the child or difficult to handle.

It is therefore essential to refer to the packaging and to check that your purchase is appropriate for the age of the child, for his safety.

3 | Prefer a colorful dinette

It is well known, bright and flashy colors catch the eye of children. A wooden dinette in attractive colors will therefore necessarily be more successful with toddlers than a dark or light dinette. And for the game to be as realistic as possible, make sure that the colors used for the various elements of the wooden dinette are identical to those of everyday life. Your child will be able to have fun while retaining the names of different fruits, vegetables and kitchen utensils, for example.

4 | Check the variety of objects

Prefer complete wooden tea sets, which include many objects. This allows your child to fully enjoy it and be as creative as possible. Also choose a kit that he does not yet have. You have the choice. Baking set, pizza set, birthday cake, etc. The more wooden dinette objects he has, the more he can create at will.

5 | Prefer a wooden dinette that is easy to store

Wooden tea sets have the advantage and the disadvantage of being rich in small parts. Vegetables, utensils, fruits, etc. The elements accumulate and it is sometimes difficult to put them away… and to find them. Many tea sets come with a storage bag or basket for great organization once playtime is over. This way, your toddler’s room will always be clean and tidy.

Selection of the best wooden dinner sets

So, which wooden dinette to choose? After the criteria to be met, here is our selection of the best wooden tea sets for children. Discover it quickly and do not hesitate to share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Wooden dinette salad set: the dinette that refreshes


To concoct fresh and light meals, Vertbaudet offers this pretty set. Ideal for composing a larger-than-life summer salad, it includes vegetables, utensils and bottles of vinegar and oil. This kit also features pretty colors that are sure to catch your toddler’s attention. Designed in wood, this dinette is fun and educational. It encourages both play, sharing and creativity. In addition, it can be used from the age of 3 thanks to its sufficiently large and robust elements for the little ones.

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2 | Wooden dinette birthday cake: larger than life


Here is a larger than life birthday cake that your child will have fun cutting out and assembling again. Pre-cut into 5 parts, it features a “happy birthday” chocolate decoration and even candles! Suitable from 3 years old, this pretty cake displays bright and vibrant colors that are sure to please toddlers. In addition, this dinette is made of FSC wood. This means that the wood used in its manufacture comes from responsibly managed forests. A nice gift for children, and for nature.

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3 | Wooden dinette tea service: to perpetuate the English tradition


With this pretty dinette, your child is introduced to the English tradition “five o’clock tea”. Composed of a teapot, cups, saucers and everything you need to take tea as it should be, this kit is simply brilliant. Its small tea bags make it larger than life. With this wooden service, your child invites his friends to share tea, why not accompanied by small sweet cakes. Designed in FSC wood, this wooden dinette is suitable from 3 years old.

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4 | Wooden dinette glacier set: the colorful dinette


Cones, cups, frosted macaroons and well-coloured ice cream popsicles will delight the most greedy toddlers with this ice cream wooden set. Your child becomes an ice cream seller and creates cups or two-ball cones at will. Indeed, the combinations are multiple. All he has to do is let his imagination run wild and treat you to delicious ice cream. In addition, this toy is made of FSC wood, which means that the wood used in its manufacture comes from responsibly managed forests.

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5 | Wooden dinette coffee and tea machine: the dinette to play bartender


An espresso please! With this Vertbaudet wooden dinette, your child puts himself in the shoes of a real bartender and treats you to hot drinks. Designed in FSC wood, this dinette is very original. It contains a machine and everything needed to make the service as real as possible. Pod, carton of milk, mint, and slice of lemon are provided.

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6 | Fruit crate wooden dinette: the dinette for shopping


They’re here and they’re there ! Good apples from the garden! With this kit, your child discovers the main fruits. Apple, strawberry, but also kiwi, banana and orange make up this pretty wooden dinette. Contained in a larger-than-life crate, these fruits find their place very easily so as not to lie around in your child’s room. To play merchant or design beautiful fruit salads, this kit is ideal. It can even be combined with the vegetable crate wooden dinette to turn your child into a real fruit and vegetable seller.

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7 | Wooden dinette pizza set: the ideal kit for budding pizza makers


A Calzone, a Four Cheeses and a Margherita please! With this set, your child takes you directly to Italy. Supplied with a board and cutting accessories, this wooden pizza kit allows your budding little pizza maker to design pizzas that are each more appetizing than the next. He adds condiments or removes them according to his imagination… and the wishes of the guests. Designed in wood, this kit is suitable from 3 years old since the different elements are large enough not to risk being ingested.

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8 | Kitchen robot wooden dinette: multifunction to make many cooking recipes


Here is a pretty well thought-out robot that completes your child’s kitchen kit. Made of FSC-certified wood, this robot has a removable lid and a clack-clack button. You appreciate its details and elegance that make it particularly real. Equipped with his little apron, your child will enjoy imagining recipes that he concocts using his robot for children. Usable from 3 years old, it promotes imagination and creation while introducing children to sharing.

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And you ? Which wooden dinette have you chosen for your child?

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