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Playing is essential to the development as well as to the blossoming of the child. Through play, your toddler develops a multitude of abilities, such as imagination, vocabulary, motor skills, and even sociability. However, at each age, its centers of interest! So, what is the best 6-year-old game? How do you find a toy idea for your little one?

How to choose a toy for a 6 year old?

6 years, we are almost at the age of reason! So small and so big at the same time, your child never ceases to amaze you with his new prowess. Always in demand of autonomy, he does not hesitate to affirm his tastes and exploit his talents. Toy magazines know this, and offer you an endless list of gadgets. How to choose a 6-year-old child’s game? Here are some valuable tips!

1 | Observe your child’s preferences

Above all, you should know that each child has his own universe. If some love to run, others are unbeatable in board games, or still others can devour entire books. And none of this is fixed! It is therefore important to be attentive to your toddler’s current desires to choose the right game for 6-year-olds.

2 | Think in terms of needs

Beyond each person’s personal interests, children also have certain universal needs: need for emotional ties, need to return to calm, need to exert themselves physically, need for imitation… These evolve throughout the day, and the choice of games can be used to fill them.

3 | Choose a quality model

They say it’s better to buy little, but better! Some objects have a tendency to break quickly, especially in the clumsy hands of a young child. To avoid this inconvenience, it is always preferable to opt for a educational game quality that your toddler can use for the long haul.

Selection of the best 6-year-old children’s games

What 6 year old child game buy ? Discover our selection made by an expert mom, and share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Illuminated illustrated globe Educabul: ideal for working on geography


This illuminated Educabul illustrated globe is ideal for curious little ones. It will satisfy their thirst for knowledge thanks to the booklet present in the box. He will thus discover a lot of information about the world: the geography, the countries, the capitals, the oceans, the animals and the most famous monuments. In addition to being educational, this tool is also a beautiful decorative object to place on the corner of your child’s desk.

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2 | Board game Les Aventuriers du Rail My first trip: discover the world


Discover this board game by Asmodee and invite your child to discover the Adventurers of the Rail series. The principle is to collect wagon cards and invest in the railways to achieve victory. Suitable from 6 years old, this game has rather simple game rules and successful and colorful illustrations that will transport your child on a railway adventure. This version adapted to young travelers makes it possible to learn geography while having fun and is an excellent game to start board games with the family.

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3 | Spin Master Cool maker pottery workshop: a creative accessory perfectly suited to the youngest


With this pottery workshop, your child will be able to redecorate your interior. Designed for children from 8 years old, this easy pottery studio allows you to create original and trendy models in no time. It has a unique technique of inverted molds and all the necessary equipment to allow children to succeed in their creations for sure. Your toddler shapes with his little hands, but also expresses his imagination by painting his creations. With this studio, pottery finally becomes accessible to the youngest.

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4 | Checkers and chess games Tree to play: learn about the most timeless board games


Real intergenerational board games, checkers and chess are among the great classics to teach your child! Ideal for developing memory, concentration, patience or analytical skills, this pretty wooden box appeals to young and old alike. Chess on the front and checkers on the back, it promises to introduce your toddler to the timeless pleasures of family board games.

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5 | Barbie Mattel Je t’aime doll: the essential toy for beautiful imaginary adventures


Dolls have always been the favorite toys of the most fertile imaginations. In all elegance, Barbie has today chosen to match her pretty red tulle dress dotted with hearts with the fatal stiletto shoes. Without a doubt, she is about to live stories full of twists and turns. Your toddler will enjoy dressing him as well as styling his silky blond hair.

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6 | Nerf Elite 2.0 pistol: attack the little heroes


For a moment, your little one turns into a superhero! With its customizable blaster, its 4 rails, its pump loading and its clip magazine, this Elite pistol seduces children looking for adventures. Thanks to this gadget, it is possible to exert yourself as well as to develop your imagination. Sold with 24 darts, it is also an ideal toy to gain agility and strategy!

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7 | Mattel Harry Potter doll: the pleasure of re-enacting cult scenes from an unmissable saga


Good news for fans of the unmissable Harry Potter saga: with this heroic character with very realistic details, your child will tirelessly replay his favorite scenes. Nothing will prevent him from inventing new ones either, giving free rein to his imagination… Moreover, it is possible to complete the collection with other cult characters from the series!

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8 | Super Mario Lego: an interactive game featuring a character loved by children

super mario lego

The Lego Super Mario collection features the world of a hero loved by children. Inspired by the famous video game, this innovative construction game allows you to create, organize and combine different courses, so as to invent your own levels and challenge your friends! A unique experience combining fine motor skills and imagination, Lego Super Mario games will appeal to fans of this essential character.

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9 | Board games for children Connect 4: a strategy game for 2

Board Game - Connect 4 - Hasbro

This board game for children is undoubtedly one of the most timeless. Your parents were already playing it in the 70s, and your kids’ kids will probably be having fun with it in 20 years. It must be said that the principle is as simple as it is addictive: all you have to do is align 4 pawns horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win the game. Enough to ask your kids to shake their brains to develop strategies and tricks to deceive the opponent. 2 players can play simultaneously. The games are short, about 10 minutes.

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10 | Enchanted Kidisecrets Frozen 2: the magic of a modern and multifunctional diary


The enchanted kidisecrets Frozen 2 is an electronic diary. Children can open it by voice command. It opens at the sound of its owner’s voice. This electronic diary includes 22 activities: 5 vocabulary games, 4 math games, 5 creative activities, 5 logic games, 1 alarm clock function with the possibility of recording your own alarm, 1 diary and the possibility of listening to the music.

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Also discover our selection of toys and games by age:

FAQ: Questions asked by parents about toys for children aged 6 years.

Here is a list of questions parents frequently ask about choosing toys for 6-year-olds.

What types of games should be favored at 6 years old?

Kindergarten is over, primary school is over! 6 years old is undoubtedly a pivotal age with multiple challenges. If imagination games remain essential pillars, your toddler also enjoys using tools that stimulate his sense of thinking, such as board games or construction games.

What is the psychomotor development of a 6 year old child?

At 6 years old, your child is able to hold a real conversation, with sometimes complex sentences. He asks many questions, appreciates social interactions, of which he understands better and better the implicit ones. In terms of fine and gross motor skills, a lot of progress can be noted.

How do I choose a toy based on my child’s age?

To find the ideal game for your 6-year-old child, it is important to observe his tastes, which are certainly in perpetual evolution. Indeed, the object chosen must meet their learning needs as well as their personal preferences.

And you, what 6 year old child game Did you decide? For what reasons ?

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