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So that your child walks his doll as you do with his little brother or his little sister, offer him a baby stroller. We have selected for you the best doll stroller brands.

Why give a doll stroller to your child?

There stroller is part of the long list of imitation games, such as dinette, nursery, household activities or DIY. The child learns by imitating his surroundings, with the objects and toys made available to him. From time immemorial, the game allows little boys and girls to develop in harmony, from a psychological, linguistic and motor point of view.

How to choose a baby stroller?

How to choose a doll stroller for your child? Discover the main criteria to help you in your choice.

1 | Check safety standards

Children who have fun are not always very tender with their toys. In addition, the very principle of the stroller is to fold and this can therefore pinch their little fingers. The doll stroller brands selected obviously comply with the regulations in force, namely:

  • the NF EN 71 standard, relating to toys, certifies that their mechanical, physical and chemical properties make it possible to withstand the stresses exerted by a child and are neither toxic nor flammable. This regulation also includes safety standards for babies under 3 years old;
  • the CE standard, clearly visible on the object or its packaging, indicates that the manufacturer has complied with the specifications and European standards for toys.

2 | Choose your stroller according to your tastes

The selection criteria to be used in order to offer a doll stroller to a child are essentially aesthetic:

  • the material: wood and fabric, plastic and polyester, composite materials, etc.
  • the design: toy look or faithful imitation of children’s strollers
  • the ethics of the brand: values ​​conveyed, place and method of manufacture, etc.

Our selection of the best doll stroller brands

Which doll stroller to buy? Discover our selection, made by an expert mom on the subject and share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Bayer Chic 2000 doll stroller: prams, combined strollers or buggies


Would your child like to have a doll stroller that looks like a real stroller? The German brand Bayer Chic 2000 has realized its dream. All of her doll stroller models are hyper-realistic. The main objective of the brand is to meet the highest demands in terms of quality and safety standards. The strollers are made of high quality materials, especially fabrics that are free of harmful substances and resistant to saliva and perspiration. Some articles have also been awarded the “spiel gut” prize by the independent committee Kinderpiel + Spielzeug eV

Read the full product sheet

2 | Little Dutch doll stroller: made of wood and quality


Little Dutch is a Dutch brand whose products are designed for children from around 0 to 6 years old. Their team creates wooden toys, stuffed animals, childcare equipment, decorative objects, bed linen and clothing, in noble materials with quality finishes. Fall for their doll stroller in wood and fabric with floral motifs. The design reflects Nordic simplicity, but with notable details: the storage space under the seat and the rubber around the wheels to preserve them.

Read the full product sheet

3 | Brio doll stroller: prams to do like mom and dad


The brand is recognized for the quality of its products. You can trust Brio to offer a doll stroller to your child over 3 years old. Their different models have all the features of real strollers: swiveling front wheels, large basket for shopping, modular seat, retractable hood, adjustable handlebar, foldable, etc. Pram or doll stroller, choose the version you like the most!

Read the full product sheet

4 | Petitcollin doll stroller: practical and foldable


Do you know the Petitcollin dolls? This brand, created in 1860, is the last French company to manufacture dolls and infants. You can also visit the factory-museum in Étain in the Meuse. To walk its Petitcollin dolls, the company offers your child over 3 years old some pretty models of pushchairs and a very beautiful wicker pram, lined with fabric, imported from Asia or Europe.

Read the full product sheet

5 | Götz doll stroller: buggies and prams for children


Your child would like to go jogging with his doll well wedged in a buggy, he would like a 3 in 1 handset to take his doll everywhere or does he prefer a vintage pram to play the English nurses? The prams and doll’s prams from the German brand Götz are very realistic, down to the smallest detail and finish.

Read the full product sheet

6 | Aubry Gaspard doll stroller: designed in woven wicker


Do you like natural materials like wicker, rattan or wood? Give your child a magnificent wicker cradle, lined with pretty fabrics from the Aubry Gaspard brand. This French family business has been established in Lorraine for 5 generations. A century ago, it was specialized in the harvesting of willows. As it developed, it became a staple of the basketry business, first at the regional level around 1935, then internationally from 1970.

Read the full product sheet

7 | Olivia’s Little World doll stroller: many high-quality models


Enter the world of accessories and dollhouses from Olivia’s Little World, a subsidiary of Teamson Kids by the British company Teamson. The miniature pieces of furniture, in pastel or tangy colors, are all more adorable than the other. Your children will love playing there and telling a thousand and one stories. The same goes for the brand’s doll strollers, with a wide choice of models: 3-wheel, classic, double or 2-in-1 buggy stroller; 4-wheel stroller; stroller ; pram… Olivia’s Little World doll strollers are for children over 3 years old.

Read the full product sheet

And you, how did you choose the stroller for your child’s dolls?

By Gwenaelle

Teacher from kindergarten to high school for more than 20 years, Gwenaëlle is the mother of six children, adults and children. Concerned about the safety and comfort of your toddlers, she is committed to helping young parents in their search for solutions to take care of their kids. She has made the description of childcare articles one of her specialties and puts her writing skills at your service.

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