TOP 6 children’s connected watch

Your child enters elementary school and begins to learn to tell the time? It’s time to give him his first watch!

To be reassured, do you want to equip it with a connected watch? Because of your working hours or because he has grown up and gained in autonomy, he goes to school or to his extra-curricular activities alone. However, even if you trust him, you prefer to be informed of his movements, without however switching to the cell phone right away. Indeed, before 11-12 years old, and entering college, it is not essential, even not recommended, because it can be forgotten, lost or stolen more easily than a wristwatch attached to the wrist.

Your child may also have a disability, and a smartwatch can help them with their daily tasks, without depending on an adult at their side at all times.

Many interactive watch models also offer games, a camera or to measure the physical constants of your budding athlete. The Je suis papa team has selected for you the best connected watches for children from 5 years old.

Smartwatches have multiple functions, some directly ensuring the safety of your offspring, such as geolocation or the SOS button, others are more of a gadget, such as taking photos or playing games for example. Here are the different criteria for selecting a connected watch, to be negotiated, or not, with your kids.

1 | The date and time

It may seem obvious, but a watch is above all made to tell the time! Moreover, for a child, being safe also means respecting schedules. From the age of 5, toddlers are generally able to read the time in digital form and, from the age of 7, on a needle clock. Depending on the model, the watches offer one or the other of the displays.

The alarm clock or alarm function is also very useful for teaching your child to become independent. Good habits so as not to be late for school, college, then high school, or for its various activities or appointments, are indeed acquired from an early age.

2 | Geolocation

Do you feel more serene when you know exactly where your toddler is? This is completely understandable. Your child may have already gotten lost in a market or on the street, and you don’t want to relive this anxiety. Then choose a watch with a GPS plotter. Depending on whether the integrated technology depends on the 2G, EDGE or 4G network, the geolocation is more or less precise, from a few tens of meters to around one kilometer. The important thing is above all that it is always operational.

Be careful, however, geolocation is made to reassure you and your child, but he also has the right to respect for his private life. Thus, his connected watch should not be a way for you to monitor him excessively. Indeed, this could harm their proper development and lead to abuse, as the CNIL reminds us in this document, which must be read before equipping your child with a connected watch. You will also discover how to protect your data, and therefore yours, from any malicious people who might want to hack them.

3 | The security perimeter

One of the possible options of a connected watch is to be able to define a perimeter within which your child can move. If he leaves this perimeter or does not take the defined route, you are warned by an alarm.

4 | The SOS button

Does your daughter or son feel in danger? If the watch has one, all he has to do is press the SOS button for 3 seconds for you to be alerted on your smartphone.

5 | The pedometer and the measurement of physical constants

Do you want to encourage your toddler to have regular physical activity? With a pedometer, he knows how many steps he takes per day. The watch also measures his heart rate, temperature, sleep stages, etc. This can be very useful if your child has a chronic illness that requires close monitoring.

6 | Calls and messages

Equipped with a SIM card, the connected watch acts as a mobile phone. You save a few numbers that your child can reach. The Internet connection also makes it possible to exchange written messages via a dedicated application. In general, this type of watch has a “school” mode equivalent to the “airplane” mode. Your child will still be able to read the time, and thus manage his time, but not be disturbed in his work or disrupt the class by an inopportune call.

7 | Compatibility with parents’ phone

Before rushing to a connected watch model, check its operating system. Most watches are Android or iOS compatible, but some are only compatible with one or the other. This is particularly the case for watches from the Apple brand, which can only be connected with an iPhone.

8 | Photos and videos

Like your smartphone, an interactive watch can be equipped with a camera. Thus, your budding artist can indulge in photography or video. Remember, however, to explain to him the right to the image if he has to film his comrades.

9 | games and apps

The watch is also an object for entertainment. Some are equipped with games, pre-installed or to be downloaded online. Without overdoing it, it can turn out to be a good pastime while waiting for your appointment with the orthodontist. There are also apps to help your child get organized on a daily basis (teeth brushing, appointment reminders, taking medication, etc.).

10 | Battery

As with any electronic device, your child’s smartwatch runs on a rechargeable battery. Its autonomy varies from one to a few days depending on the model and the use made of the watch. Connecting to 4G consumes a lot of energy, for example.

11 | The look of the watch and its handling

First or eleventh criterion? Regarding the design, it is certainly your child who will have a say, since it is he who will wear the watch on his wrist. As for its handling, it must be intuitive, via the buttons or its touch screen. But given how the little ones are able to manipulate any mobile phone or tablet, there is no reason that a connected watch puts them off.

Selection of the best connected watches for children?

Which children’s connected watch to choose? Discover our selection of the best connected watches with or without a GPS tracker, made by an informed mom and don’t hesitate to share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Connected watch Yonis GPS plotter: a touch screen for easy use


Do you want to be able to reach your toddler at any time and know where he is when he travels alone? This connected watch is a basic GPS tracker, operating in 2 G. Thanks to the SIM card, you can contact it by SMS or voice call. The device has an SOS button that your child can press in an emergency. This smartwatch also has a step counter. The touch screen allows a very intuitive handling. This model is available in blue, orange or pink.

Read the full product sheet

2 | VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch connect DX2 connected watch: interactive and fun for children


Want to please your child? Give him the Kidizoom interactive watch! More than a watch, it is also a camera / camera allowing him to take a selfie and make videos thanks to the two lenses, one on the touch screen, the other on the front. Playful, this interactive watch proposes to add visual and sound effects. It has 8 games and it is possible to download new ones by connecting the watch to a computer. With this watch, your child also learns to tell the time and takes responsibility using the alarm clock/alarm and stopwatch functions.

Read the full product sheet

3 | Connected watch Yonis GPS tracker with beacon: perfect for little ones looking for autonomy


Your child is still small and you are looking for a very easy to use and shockproof GPS tracker? This beacon connected watch is the one for him. It indicates at all times where your toddler is. You can define a safety perimeter alerting you if your child leaves it. An alarm sounds on your phone if the watch comes off or your child presses the SOS button. You then hear the sounds of its environment. You save 2 numbers, accessible via two buttons, so that he can call you easily. This watch also has the pedometer function and monitors your little one’s sleep.

Read the full product sheet

4 | Yonis Smartwatch connected watch: a GPS tracker to secure your child


Do you have very good reasons to monitor your child remotely? This connected watch is a real gem of technology allowing you to keep an eye on its environment and its health at all times. Among the many functions at your disposal, this smartwatch offers a remote camera, voice monitoring, GPS tracker and control of physical constants. On your child’s side, he can take photos, call up to 10 correspondents, exchange voice and video messages, and press the SOS button in case of danger. This watch of course gives the time and serves as an alarm clock or a reminder alarm.

Read the full product sheet

5 | Garmin vivofit jr smartwatch. 3: with various activities allowing children to play


Do you want to encourage your child to exercise? With this activity bracelet, you invite him to experience adventures, challenge himself and follow his physical activities. Steps taken and distance covered during a timed activity are shown on your phone, via the Garmin app. When your child does 60 minutes of sport a day, he unlocks games and adventures. You can also give him missions (tidy his room, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, etc.) and reward him with virtual coins earned. The watch also analyzes your toddler’s sleep. Store essential ICE/ECU data for emergency rescue in the wristband.

Read the full product sheet

6 | Fitbit Ace 3 connected watch: a perfect bracelet for young athletes


Take on sporting challenges as a family with this activity bracelet! This connected watch, ultra-resistant and waterproof up to 50 meters, encourages your children to move by counting the number of steps taken and by monitoring their daily activities (dancing, jumping, running, swimming, etc.). A fun little animation appears when the objectives are achieved. The watch also tracks sleep and prompts your toddlers to go to bed. You receive the analysis of health information on your smartphone, via the Fitbit app, thanks to wireless synchronization. If your child has his own phone, he will have the same information and will obtain other games and rewards, on an interface adapted to the youngest.

Read the full product sheet

And you, what do you expect from a connected watch for children? Share your feedback in the comments!

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