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During school holidays or rainy weekends, it is not always easy to find something to do for the children.

Whatever their age, we always have a little trouble occupying their free time. For the little ones, a few pastels and modeling clay are enough to amuse them, but what about the older ones?

They too need to be distracted other than with video games, television or tablets. So, which game to choose for 10-year-olds? We help you find a game suitable for their age.

How to choose a 10-year-old child’s game?

Before discovering our selection, it is important to know the different criteria to take into account to choose a game suitable for your 10-year-old child.

1 | Consider their interests

It’s primordial ! Indeed, if your child hates puzzles, there is no need to offer them. Even if you think this game promotes calm and concentration, choose a game adapted to his interests. Board games, construction games, thinking games, games of skill and puzzles… the choice is wide! You’ve probably noticed it, but at 10, interests change quickly. Make sure you stay on course and don’t get lost along the way.

2 | Select game type

Games for fun alone, with family or friends? It is important to take this aspect into account. A solo activity, such as a puzzle or construction game, allows your child to isolate himself in peace and concentrate. Conversely, a board game is an opportunity to meet up with family or friends and share great times. So, know how to vary the pleasures.

3 | Choose a 10-year-old child’s game in keeping with their universe

Does your child love cars? Why not choose a construction set with the end result of a beautiful collectible car? Does your little girl love Disney Princesses? There are many puzzles on this theme. In short, to be sure to choose a game that appeals to children, it is essential to know its universe.

4 | informationlearn about the complexity of the game

Most games have a lot of information on the packaging. This way you can find out if the toy in question is suitable for a 10-year-old child. If you buy on the internet, you can also refer to the comments of users who have already received it.

5 | Find a 10-year-old child’s game adapted to your budget

No need to go into debt to buy children’s games. You will find games for children aged 10 at very affordable prices. Count an average of 20 euros for a 10-year-old child’s toy.

Selection of the best 10-year-old children’s games

You now know all the criteria for choosing a 10-year-old child’s game. Discover now a selection of 9 games, made by a specialist parent and don’t hesitate to share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Time’s Up Kids board games for children: ideal for imagination and concentration


It is for me one of the best board games for young children, because it allows you to work on many skills (imagination, concentration, speed, etc.) in a funny, dynamic and positive atmosphere. The objective is to make people guess as many objects, professions or animals as possible in a limited time by describing or miming them. The Kids version of this ultra-famous game offers illustrated cards. You no longer need to know how to read to play. Count between 15 and 30 minutes per game. It is possible to play from 2 participants and up to more than 10. For the youngest children, do not hesitate to adapt the rule to your liking. This card game for children contains 1 hourglass, 1 set of rules, 1 bag and 220 cards.

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2 | Meccano the invention kit: for budding future engineers


Meccano manufactures metal construction toys for children and encourages them to develop their logic. With this Meccano engine invention kit, your child has 194 pieces to work on his imagination and create motorized creations. With this game box, he has the opportunity to follow the models described in the booklet provided, or to make his own creations. On the program: concentration, rigor, calm and imagination.

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3 | Le Roi des Dwarfs board game: a card game to set the mood


Discover this board game signed Iello which comes in the form of a very complete card game. The rule of the game: find out who will be the next king of the dwarves. Suitable for children from 10 years old, this board game promises delirious moments with family or friends. It is possible to play it with 3, 4 or even 5 people. You appreciate the worked illustrations and the rather simple rules of the game, which call for reflection.

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4 | Board game Six qui Prend: a cult game to consume without moderation


Discover this simple and friendly game that promises great moments of fun with the family. Contained in a metal box, this game of 104 cards is a must and will allow your child to have a great time. The rules of this game call for thinking, cunning, and strategy. For two or more, this game by Gigamic promises 45 minutes of good humor.

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5 | Unlock board game: the escape game at home


Welcome to Unlock, a miniature version of the famous escape rooms, from which your child must escape at all costs. This game is inspired by this type of room and allows you to live this experience, at home, with your family, around a table. Composed of three different and captivating adventures, the game Unlock promises beautiful moments with family or friends, but above all it allows your child to use logic and reflection. This Asmodee game is suitable for children from 10 years old and can involve 2 to 6 players maximum.

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6 | Lego Technic Porsche 911 RSR: for car fans


Do you have a car fanatic at home? You’ll keep him busy, amaze and delight him with this Lego Porsche 911 RSR replica. Your little budding pilot will build this model from scratch, play with it, and why not display it. This authentic replica is developed in partnership with Porsche. It includes many authentic features that will delight enthusiasts of beautiful cars and mechanics. Suitable for ages 10 and up, this building set features over 1,500 pieces. Reflection and concentration in perspective!

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7 | 7 Wonders board game: for the fan of Antiquity


7 Wonders is a multiplayer board game. The objective: to rule one of the seven largest cities of antiquity. If your child is a fan of ancient civilization, he will love multiplying military conquests, building grandiose buildings, and bringing his city to victory. Adapted from the age of 10, this game, which has sold more than a million copies, calls for reflection and strategy to make the right decisions.

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8 | Tengo Duo board game: an atmospheric game for the whole family


Board game of anticipation and speed, Tengo Duo amuses the whole family, from 8 years old. It brings together around the table between 3 to 10 players and offers real memorable laughs. Each participant must answer one question and enter two answers. But beware, everyone must score the same as their teammate to perform a Tengo Duo and score as many points as possible. So, can you read your partner’s mind?

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9 | Classic Scrabble board game: a timeless game for the whole family


Who has never taken out the box of Scrabble on a long winter evening? Scrabble is a great classic, a must for family board games. It makes the brains work… and especially the spelling. Discover this revisited version whose rule remains unchanged: create words that earn the most points possible. This board game is suitable from 10 years old and allows you to spend good times of fun with the family. This is THE board game for word lovers.

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Also discover our selection of toys and games by age:

And you ? Which 10-year-old game have you chosen for your child?

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