Why buy Carrefour cardboard toys?

Children dream of escape. They like to invent beautiful stories and take on the role of fantastic characters. So if in addition, we offer them a life-size setting to accompany them and make their adventures even more real, they love it.

Carrefour has recently offered giant cardboard toys to assemble and color. Cherry on the cake: they are made in France, made from recycled products and accessible to as many people as possible thanks to a low price,

3 cardboard toys to develop children’s imagination

The designers of the Carrefour brand have been working for several months on healthy, recyclable and ecological products. They have just released a new range of cardboard toys to develop the imagination of children over 3 years old. You have the choice in 3 different products:

  • A giant cardboard boat : This huge cardboard boat is entirely to assemble and color. It is fitted with a bar to simulate a voyage at sea. Its dimensions: H: 0.78 m – L: 1.37 m – W: 0.88 m.
  • A giant cardboard house :This cardboard house includes a movable door allowing children access to their home. They have the possibility of opening and closing the 2 shutters located on each side of the front door. Its dimensions: H: 1.50 m – W: 1.76 m – D: 0.59 m.
  • A giant cardboard rocket : the children will take themselves for Thomas Pesquet with this huge recycled cardboard rocket. It has an entrance door at the back. Inside, a dashboard allows children to take control of this rocket that will take them directly into space!

4 reasons to choose a crossroads cardboard toy

Discover 4 reasons to choose a Carrefour cardboard toy for your child.

1 | Choose products made in France

Favoring French products has become the spearhead of many parents. We can only encourage this approach! Good news, Carrefour cardboard toys are entirely made in France. You will be able to spoil your children by respecting your convictions.

2 | Opt for a recycled and ecological cardboard decor

Today the return is to wooden and cardboard toys. More and more parents are getting involved and consuming more responsibly. Cardboard toys from the Carrefour brand respond perfectly to this mode of consumption. The products are made from recycled and environmentally friendly raw materials. You can also recycle these toys when they are at the end of their life.

3 | Allow your children to develop their imagination and creativity

Children generally have an overflowing imagination and show great creativity. Crossroads cardboard toys allow them to develop different skills that are important for their development. They will be able to assemble and mount the different parts of the game, color the toy with markers or colored pencils and have fun pretending.

4 | Buy cheap toys

The 3 Carrefour cardboard games are at the minimum price of €10. The brand’s objective was to offer its customers giant toys in recycled cardboard, to be assembled, colored and allowing the imagination of the little ones to develop. A successful bet for Carrefour!

And you, are you going to buy a Carrefour cardboard toy for your child?

By Elodie

Mother of two children, Elodie recently joined the team to share her vision of a caring and smiling parenthood. Discreet, sensitive and attentive, she pays a lot of attention to others, especially children. Anxious to offer you precise articles, she devotes time and energy to finding the right words, those that will speak to you naturally.


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