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Do you want to give your little boy or girl accessories to play with their doll? So do like the editorial team of Je suis papa, fall for Vertbaudet baby doll and doll accessories! Drawing on its experience with children, our partner has developed a range of absolutely irresistible eco-responsible wooden toys. Cot, high chair, deckchair… the whole world of baby is reproduced in miniature, so that your toddler grows up and learns through play by imitating you. Quickly discover our selection of the 9 best accessories for dolls.

How to choose a doll accessory?

To be authorized in France, children’s toys must meet the CE standard. This is of course the case of doll accessories, sold by vertbaudet. Before your purchase, however, you must take into account certain criteria that we list below.

1 | Choose a toy appropriate for your child’s age

Among the accessories for infants and dolls that we have selected, some can be offered to a baby from 10 months. However, you will have to wait until your child is 18 months, 2 years old or 3 years old for the other items. Your toddler’s safety is at stake. So check the technical data sheet on this point.

2 | Check which doll size the accessory corresponds to

The size of the infants varies from about fifteen centimeters for the smallest to nearly 50 cm for the largest, the size of a baby who has just been born. If your child’s infant or doll measures between 30 and 40 cm, the accessories offered by Vertbaudet should be suitable. If not, you can find the ideal doll in our TOP 10 doll brands.

3 | Select the best materials

For this TOP 9, you don’t have to carefully go through each technical sheet to find out what each toy is made of. Indeed, we have only selected eco-responsible products. The wooden furniture is FSC® certified, meaning that the materials come from responsibly managed forests. Fabric items are 100% cotton.

Our selection of the 9 best accessories for infants and dolls

I am a dad and the online sales site vertbaudet presents their TOP 9 doll accessoryso that the doll corner of your child’s room is complete.

1 | Vertbaudet wooden doll’s bed on foot: to sleep your doll comfortably


“It is late, night is beginning to fall. Baby is grumpy. Quick, we have to put him to bed! Dodo, the child do, the child will sleep very quickly, dodo, the child do, the child will soon sleep… » With this very beautiful bed with bars, in Scandinavian style, your toddler over 3 years old will tame the ritual bedtime through play. This white painted wooden bed with natural wooden legs is suitable for dolls of approximately 30 to 40 cm. Very easy to assemble, it is delivered without the canopy, the mobile or the set of sheets.

Read the full product sheet

2 | Vertbaudet 2-in-1 walking pram: perfect for walking a doll


Your baby is starting to stand up and would like to explore the world on his own two feet? From 10 months, give him this wooden pram, very stable on its 4 large wheels. While walking his baby, your toddler learns to keep his balance and to walk. Clever and 2 in 1, this pram turns into a pushchair by tilting the handle backwards. Made of natural wood and painted white, FSC® certified, this Scandinavian-style pram-pushchair is designed for infants and dolls from 30 to 40 cm.

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3 | Flora vertbaudet cotton gauze doll baby carrier: to go for a walk with your doll

vertbaudet cotton gauze baby doll carrier

“Baby played, he ate well. It’s time to go for a walk! Your child is hesitating… stroller or baby carrier? Come on, today he chooses the all-cotton doll carrier with floral motifs. You help him adjust the straps. Thus, his baby is wedged against him, on his belly. Maybe lulled by the rocking motion of the baby carrier and the beating of the heart will he end up falling asleep? Beyond the simple imitation game, your toddler, from 10 months, shows imagination, strategy and empathy, and grows, quite simply.

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4 | Vertbaudet wooden baby changing table: everything you need to change baby


“Baby’s diaper is full. Hmm, that doesn’t smell good. Quick, change it! Head to the changing table. We lay down baby. The edges of the table prevent it from tipping over. Nappies, wipes, cream, talc… everything is available on the lower shelves, as well as a change of clothes just in case. Here, baby is all beautiful, all clean! » This changing table in white and natural Scandinavian-style wood allows your child over 3 years old to invent stories and do like the grown-ups.

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5 | Vertbaudet wooden doll wardrobe: to store your doll’s clothes


” Oh ! It’s raining. Owl ! I’ll put on your raincoat, your boots and we’ll jump in the puddles. The weather will be nice tomorrow. The weather said so. You’ll wear your pretty floral dress. She’s waiting for you, hanging on her hanger in the wardrobe. Here’s an example of a story your 3-year-old could invent when he plays with his baby doll or doll. For everything to be as believable as possible, give him this Scandinavian-style wooden wardrobe, which he will fill with his baby’s clothes and shoes.

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6 | Vertbaudet wooden doll swing: to help your doll fall asleep


“Baby is grumpy? Does he cry when you put him in bed? Let’s keep him close to us, in his swing! We sing him a little song, we rock him gently… Hush, he falls asleep! We can carry him to his bed now. » Your little one from the age of 3 learns through play that taking care of a baby is not easy, but that the swing can really help out sometimes! This one is made of wood and cotton, Scandinavian style. The carrycot is easily removed from its support to be transported and used as a bassinet in all rooms of the house.

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7 | Vertbaudet cotton gauze doll play mat: to wake up your doll


“Come on, baby, let’s play!” I put you flat on your back on the activity mat. So, it’s the story of a little koala… Oh! look, I see you in the mirror! Hi. This circular rug, with its two arches and two suspensions, has everything of a real baby play rug, only smaller. It is intended for infants and dolls of 40 cm maximum, for children from 2 years old. In cotton gauze with floral patterns, it is very soft, very pretty and machine washable.

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8 | Vertbaudet wooden baby bouncer: baby awakens to the world


“Are you awake, my baby? I’m going to play with you, but first I have to cook dinner. In the meantime, I’ll put you in your deckchair. So you can watch me cook. » Thanks to the doll’s bouncer, your child from 3 years old uses this accessory to feed his doll, amuse her with the little hanging shapes or put her to sleep by gently rocking her. The Scandinavian-style natural FSC® wooden bouncer is intended for babies up to 35 cm. The white cotton cradle is removable and machine-washable.

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9 | Vertbaudet wooden doll hygiene accessories set: taking care of your baby


“Come on, baby, it’s late, we have to go to bed!” Do like me, wash your face and brush your teeth. Afterwards, don’t forget to pee. Here, your potty is here. Oh, you’re all hot! I’ll take your temperature. By taking care of his baby, your toddler learns the notions of hygiene and can even overcome his apprehension of the potty. This set consists of a jar, a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a comb and an FSC® wooden thermometer and cotton gauze wipes.

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And you, did you fall in love with this selection of baby doll accessories? Tell us in comments!

By Gwenaelle

Teacher from kindergarten to high school for more than 20 years, Gwenaëlle is the mother of six children, adults and children. Concerned about the safety and comfort of your toddlers, she is committed to helping young parents in their search for solutions to take care of their kids. She has made the description of childcare articles one of her specialties and puts her writing skills at your service.

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