TOP 8 children’s wooden train

THE wooden toys are on the rise. They are taking up more and more space in our children’s rooms. The little wooden train child is no exception. This timeless toy, already present in the rooms of today’s young parents when they were children themselves, exists in all brands.

Halfway between the building game and the imaginative toyit allows the little ones (and the older ones! ) to evolve and develop their abilities.

The little wooden train is undoubtedly one of the oldest toys. Surely out of nostalgia and also out of ideology, young parents love this toy and offer it to their little one without hesitation.

Find the best wooden train

Which wooden train to choose for your child? Discover the selection of an expert mom and share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Farm story wooden train with Janod circuit: an easy-to-handle magnetic vehicle

Farm wooden train story Janod

The wooden train with Janod story farm circuit accompanies your child in his development. It will allow him to improve his fine motor skills and his imagination. This little train contains 5 pieces (1 locomotive, 3 wagons and 1 cow). The wagons are magnetic so easy to hang and handle for a little one. It is made of beech wood.

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2 | Grand Express Vilac wooden train: illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius

vilac grand express wooden train

The Grand Express Vilac wooden train is decorated by the famous illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius. His naive and joyful style is very recognizable. We love this childish and funny look. Toys from this brand are guaranteed phthalate-free, lead-free and allergen-free. Paints and lacquers are tested in the laboratory. Perfect for the health of our children.

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3 | Orlando Goki wooden train: a construction and imagination game

Orlando Goki wooden train

The Orlando Goki wooden train includes 18 pieces (1 locomotive, 3 wagons and each wagon carries several pieces of different shapes). Your child will take his little train everywhere thanks to the string attached to the end. Your little one will develop his fine motor skills and acquire the ability to tidy up and sort.

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4 | Giant wooden train Melissa and Doug: a vehicle with pretty colors

giant wooden train Melissa and Doug

The Mélissa and Doug giant wooden train is ideal for children from 2 years old. It allows the little ones to learn to stack, sort, build and count up to 14. It will make a wonderful decorative element in your baby’s room. Equipped with its cord, this train will motivate your child to take their first steps.

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5 | Wooden train 1,2,3 Goula: a fun train for the little ones

Wooden train 1 2 3 Goula

The wooden train 1, 2, 3 Goula contains a train, 3 wagons and 5 geometric shapes to fit. This toy is ideal for teaching baby to walk. Indeed, it has a cord allowing it to explore throughout the house. Perfect to help baby in his first steps. Learning to walk is made easier.

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6 | Safari Sevi wooden train: colorful and complete

Sevi safari wooden train

The Safari Sevi wooden train is colorful and super complete. Your child will spend hours inventing great adventures in the heart of the savannah. Inside there will be many characters and accessories: an all-terrain vehicle, the Ettore Bear, the Virgilio rabbit, 1 zebra, 1 elephant, 1 giraffe, 1 parrot and several shapes to stack.

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7 | Elephant Jabadabado cubic wooden train: soft and elegant

jabadabado elephant cubes wooden train

This Jabadabado Elephant Wooden Cube Train features an elegant look that can be used as a room decor item or a pull along toy. It consists of a locomotive, 3 wagons and 13 different building blocks. This train will bring a Scandinavian touch to your little one’s room.

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8 | Elou wooden freight train: made of ecological and sustainable cork

Elou Wooden Freight Train

The Elou wooden freight train is made of eco-friendly and durable cork. This material is soft, pleasant to the touch, shock and water resistant. This small wooden train is perfect for the youngest who do not often take care of their toys. Designed in Portugal, this game is 100% European! A plus for young parents sensitive to the protection of the planet.

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3 tips for choosing a wooden train

With the large number of existing wooden train models on the market, it is not always easy to make a choice. Discover below our tips for choosing the train that will best suit your child.

1 | Choose a wooden train suitable for your child’s age

Opt for a wooden train adapted to the age of your little one. If he is less than 3 years old, turn to toys designed in a single block or with large pieces. His dexterity will not be sharp enough to optimally enjoy a train with small pieces. You can opt for a pull-along train with stacking or interlocking parts. From 5 years old, you can choose a more complex train with more accessories (wagons, characters, locomotives, rails…).

2 | Opt for an ecological wooden train

The ideal is to offer an ecological wooden train to preserve both the health of your child and the environment. Several labels exist to guide you and certify the quality of the wood used for your toy design.

Choose it healthy and devoid of any harmful substances. Give your child a safe train, with which he can play safely. If possible, prefer a noble wood (beech, boxwood, etc.) from eco-responsible forests.

3 | Buy an upgradable wooden train

Some brands offer upgradable wooden trains, which can be completed with additional boxes. This type of play allows your child to evolve his train at the same time as his age and his capacities. This will allow him to develop his imagination even more. Thanks to all this imaginary world, your child invents endless stories.

And you, are you going to offer a wooden train to your child?

By Elodie

Mother of two children, Elodie recently joined the team to share her vision of a caring and smiling parenthood. Discreet, sensitive and attentive, she pays a lot of attention to others, especially children. Anxious to offer you precise articles, she devotes time and energy to finding the right words, those that will speak to you naturally.

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