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That’s it, it’s the big day ! Your child has just turned 7 years old. The age of Reason ! At this age, your child acquires abilities such as memory, attention, planning or reasoning. He is gaining more autonomy and asserting his tastes more and more.

Your 7-year-old child is developing his vocabulary and is able to work out objects in his head before creating them. This is the ideal age to introduce them to construction games and discover the world of board games. But what is the best 7-year-old child game? Je suis papa helps you in your choice with a list of gift ideas.

Find the best games for 7 year olds

What games for a 7 year old to buy? Discover our selection and don’t hesitate to share your favorites in the comments!

1 | LEGO Pyroraptor and Dilophosaurus transport: for dinosaur fans


Do you have a dinosaur fan at home? This LEGO game suitable for 7-year-olds is sure to please! Your budding dino hunter can build an off-roader consisting of a dino tracker and a detachable trailer. This set has 254 pieces and includes 2 dinosaurs and 3 minifigures. Concentration and imagination in perspective!

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2 | Uno Flip Side Mattel board game: a crazy variant of the Uno game


Mattel offers a crazy version of the traditional Uno. This version offers new cards for even more fun. Players will be able to discover the two-sided cards and the Flip card. Be careful, with this new Uno, the game can change from one turn to another. Games only last a few minutes. This is one of the best board games to introduce your 7 year old to card games. It is possible to play it from 2 people up to 10 players. A board game for the whole family!

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3 | Board game Zombie kidz evolution Masked Scorpion: a cooperative game to develop team spirit


Discover this cooperative board game by Scorpion Masqué which introduces your 7-year-old child to board games. The rule of the game is simple: you have to develop a common strategy to repel the zombies that have entered the school and find a way to lock it down. In this game, players lose or win together. It allows your child to develop his team spirit while having fun.

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4 | The LEGO Forest Motorhome and Sailboat: For Nature Lovers


Young explorers will enjoy this LEGO set, featuring a buildable motorhome and sailboat. This game is made up of 497 pieces to be assembled in order to invent many adventures. It will stimulate the creative play of children who love the great outdoors. This set offers different ways to play thanks to its many accessories provided (animals, characters and objects) and its many functions.

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5 | Mito Gigamic board game: giggles guaranteed


Reveal your child’s cheating skills with the Mito board game by Gigamic. With Mito, he is allowed to cheat to get rid of his cards as quickly as possible. But we will have to remain discreet so as not to be seen by the Punaise goalkeeper! This game offers simple rules that are accessible to everyone. It will work on your child’s reactivity and his sense of bluffing. With Mito, family laughter guaranteed!

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6 | Cosmos Sentosphere phosphorescent Aquarellum box: an introduction to art


For the 20th anniversary of the Aquarellum range, the Sentosphere brand offers the Cosmos box. It will delight children who love creative hobbies and the space universe. Once your child has painted his picture, he will discover a magical experience: by turning off the lights, his work will sparkle with a thousand lights thanks to the phosphorescent set pictures. An ideal activity to introduce your 7-year-old child to art and watercolour.

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7 | Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, the battle of the LEGO robots: a building game for Marvel fans


Are you looking for gift ideas for your child who appreciates the Marvel universe and robots? He will be conquered by this LEGO construction game which offers Spider-Man and Green Goblin robots XXL version. This LEGO set contains 296 pieces to assemble and includes two minifigures of these 2 super heroes. Once the arms and legs are assembled, your child will be able to stage their fights and develop their imagination.

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8 | Board game Exploding Kittens (Exploding Kittens): a crazy party game


Exploding Kittens is a real original party game that changes traditional board games. To win, you will have to avoid all the explosions and therefore never come across an explosive kitten card. It is suitable for children from 7 years old and can involve 2 to 5 players maximum. This fun and delirious card game will make you have a great time with family or friends.

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9 | Marko Buki interactive robot: to learn the basics of coding


Marko is an interactive robot that has a double function. First, it can be controlled remotely using an infrared remote control to make it dance, sing or transmit emotions. He is able to perform 20 different actions! It also introduces your child to the basics of coding through 10 games. Thanks to its many features, Marko will quickly become the favorite companion of budding young geeks!

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10 | Koenigsegg Jesko LEGO racing car: for racing car lovers


With this buildable game, LEGO offers a very realistic replica of the most powerful car in the world, the Koenigsegg Jesko. If your child is a racing car fan, you’ll keep them busy and thrilled with this great gift. Your budding pilot can build this model from scratch, play with it and display it proudly in his room. He can complete his collection with the other Speed ​​Champions vehicle models. Suitable for children from 7 years old, this construction game has 280 pieces. A very good gift idea for girls and boys who are passionate about racing cars.

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How to choose a game for a 7 year old?

How to choose a toy for a 7 year old? Discover the main criteria to help you in your choice and choose a game adapted to your child’s age.

1 | Choose the type of game

Are you looking for a Christmas or birthday present for your 7 year old? So think about the type of game you want to offer him: a game to have fun alone, with family or friends? A reflection or construction game will invite your child to isolate himself in peace to concentrate, imagine stories and enjoy a solo activity. Giving him a board game is an opportunity to share excellent moments with family or friends and to develop his sense of strategy. You choose !

2 | Opt for educational or thought-provoking games

At 7 years old, your child is maturing and his curiosity is intensifying. He wants to open up to the world and discover new experiences. Educational games will then be a good way to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Select games where it is possible to learn while having fun. This is the case, for example, of scientific educational games. You can also offer him a puzzle game to get him thinking. Some children’s board games are great for developing a sense of strategy and bluffing.

3 | Opt for a 7-year-old child’s game in keeping with his universe

Your daughter or son will be delighted to receive a gift that matches their universe. Does he enjoy creative hobbies? There are many age-appropriate games to learn about art, for example. Does your little boy love cars? Opt for an accessible construction game for his age. He will be delighted to have a beautiful car to collect and display. Be sure to choose a game that is also suitable for your budget. There are many games for 7 year olds at very affordable prices.

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And you, which 7-year-old child’s game did you buy for your daughter or son? For what reasons ?

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