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Timeless, the rocking horse is one of the most iconic toys in the world of childhood. Composed of a solid support, it allows the child to oscillate gently back and forth, for real moments of pleasure. Beyond the game, it is also considered a real element of decoration. So how do you choose from the many models? Here are all our tips for choosing yours.

Find the best rocking horses

You now have all the criteria in hand to make your choice. But, before setting off to conquer your toy, here is a selection of the best rocking horses that could help you. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Homcom cowboy rocking horse: a horse as soft as a cloud

rocking horse cowboy Homcom

You will fall in love with the soft face of this brown rocking horse, signed Homcom. Intended for children from 3 years old, it represents the rocking horse par excellence. It is equipped with everything necessary for the safety of the child, but above all, its coating is very soft. Your child will enjoy inventing crazy races, but he’ll also love cuddling his new friend, that’s for sure.

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2 | Baby Sevi rocking horse: the real wooden rocking horse

rocking horse baby Sevi

Wood, nothing but wood! Colors that challenge. A traditional rocking horse look. This is Sevi’s Baby horse. This wooden toy promises great rides for baby, in complete safety, since it has a removable protective hoop. Reliable and robust, it also serves as a decorative element in the baby’s room, thanks to its wooden design and well-chosen colours.

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3 | Homcom unicorn rocking horse: the plush unicorn

Homcom unicorn rocking horse

Many toddlers love unicorns. So instead of riding a beautiful horse, why not ride the Homcom rocking unicorn? Pink in colour, this charming horse will look great in your child’s bedroom. Pleasant and soft like a plush, it is also equipped with all the necessary safety elements for your child. And icing on the cake: it even emits authentic sounds.

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4 | Rocking horse Caramel Janod: a classic by Janod

rocking horse Caramel Janod

Let’s go for a ride worthy of the greatest westerns with this rocking horse by Janod. Janod is a French brand specializing in the manufacture of wooden and cardboard toys. Based in the Jura, it has known how to cross the ages to offer parents and children ever more reliable, healthy and robust toys, like this Caramel rocking horse. FSC certified, it promises beautiful moments of play for your child, and in complete safety.

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5 | Homcom swan rocking horse: softness and elegance

homcom swan rocking horse

A swan as a rocking horse! Here is an original idea! Discover this pretty swan and elegantly decorate your child’s room. Perfect for toddlers from 18 to 36 months, this swan rocking horse is signed Homcom. You will appreciate the great comfort of the seat and all the pretty, well-worked finishes. An ideal toy and a beautiful piece of decoration to display!

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6 | Cowboy rocking horse with sound effect Homcom: the super stallion

cowboy rocking horse with sound effect Homcom

To slip into the shoes of a real cowboy, there’s nothing like this rocking horse with sound effects. A stallion worthy of the greatest westerns will arrive in your toddler’s room, warning him of a real neigh. Comfortable and soft, it will become your child’s favorite playmate who can learn about the pleasures of riding. A beautiful representation signed Homcom.

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7 | Homcom zebra rocking horse: excellent value for money

homcom zebra rocking horse

A traditional look, a nice zebra face, a wooden design. This is Homcom’s zebra rocking horse. Equipped with two handles and a protective hoop, this pretty rocking horse will allow baby to swing in complete safety. Its sober tones and minimalist lines blend perfectly with all interiors. Placed in the living room or in the baby’s room, this little zebra is a must.

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8 | Homcom donkey rocking horse: an ultra comfortable toy

Homcom donkey rocking horse

But how cute is this little stuffed donkey. Accessible from 18 months, it allows babies to indulge in the pleasures of riding in complete safety. Super equipped, it is also and above all very soft thanks to its plush design. Baby will love to snuggle his head in it or give him tender hugs. Especially since this little donkey emits authentic sound effects as soon as its little ears are pressed.

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9 | Pinolino rocking horse: the traditional toy

Pinolino rocking horse

If you want to acquire a traditional rocking horse, this is the Pinolino horse for you. Designed in solid beech wood, it is sober and minimalist, but has everything you need to ensure the safety of your toddler. Available in various colors, the Pinolino rocking horse is both the ideal gift for little budding riders, but it is also a very beautiful piece of decoration.

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10 | Homcom lion rocking horse: the plush rocking horse

rocking horse lion Homcom

How not to crack in front of this little lion’s head? Especially since once ridden, this rocking toy is extremely comfortable. Its plush appearance will allow your child to snuggle up comfortably. Suitable for babies from 18 months, the lion rocking horse is both soft and robust, since its frame is made of wood and metal, for foolproof resistance! Signed Homcom, it has all the standards for the perfect safety of the little ones.

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Why buy a rocking horse?

It is basically a toy that allows the child to swing for fun. This rocking motion provides a real feeling of pleasure. He can then imagine himself racing, galloping and taking himself for a real cowboy. The rocking horse is a real awakening toy which participates in the psychomotor development of the child, in the same way as the puzzle or the building gamesFor example.

Finally, the rocking horse is also considered a real decorative element in the child’s room. Installed near the cradle, it comes in many materials and colors to bring an authentic touch to the bedroom. Babe. And contrary to popular belief, the rocking horse doesn’t just look like a horse. It can also take the form of a giraffe, a lion or even a cow.

How to choose a rocking horse?

Are you convinced of the usefulness of its usefulness? It’s time to make your choice. For this, here are all the criteria to take into account to make your purchase.

1 – Choose a rocking horse according to the age of the child

Age is one of the first criteria on which you should base yourself. You can find rocking horses intended for children as young as one year old. The seat will therefore be rather low and well surrounded to avoid falls. It is important to take the age criterion into account in order to offer a suitable toy that the child can use in complete safety.

2 – Pay attention to the level of safety offered by the toy

The rocking horse is a toy that can be dangerous for young children. It normally has a saddle, stirrups, handles on either side of the horse which ensure the safety of your toddler once on the device. Make sure that the level of security is high and that no convenience is missing. Also pay attention to the maximum weight supported by the toy.

3 – Opt for reliable and robust manufacturing materials

Since the rocking horse is aimed at young children, it is important to choose solid and durable design materials, like wood. The model in wood is very solid and very safe. Slightly heavier, it is also more stable. It can easily be transmitted from generation to generation thanks to its great robustness. In addition, the wooden rocking horse is much easier to maintain than the vshim FabricFor example.

4 – Choose a rocking horse that fits your budget

As usual, there is no need to incur big expenses to please your child. There are many models of rocking horses, at totally reasonable prices. Everything will of course depend on the design materials, the brand, the accessories provided, etc. But, one thing is certain, you will find toys with a very interesting quality-price ratio. No need to break the piggy bank!

5 – Select an eye-pleasing rocking horse

As mentioned above, the rocking horse is certainly a toy, but it is also a decorative element in its own right. That’s why it’s better if it is aligned with the decoration of the baby’s room. You will find rocking horses in wood, in fabric, in the shape of stuffed animals and animals, or even in plastic.

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