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What toddler doesn’t enjoy having their toy cars rolling around in a child garage Truer than nature ? Walk his cars, go to the gas station or at the mechanic’s… The children’s garage is one of the essentials of Christmas and many wish lists mention at least one.

But, how to choose among the many models present on the market? Not easy, when you want to please for sure! Rest assured, thanks to our valuable advice and our selection of garages, choosing will be a breeze.

Find the best children’s garages

You now know all the criteria to take into account to make your choice. To help you further, we have prepared a selection of the best children’s garages. Quickly discover our TOP and share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Garage Super City Majorette: ultra realistic

Garage Super City Majorette

Discover a beautiful play area for children with this Super City garage by Majorette. Very complete, it offers parking and storage spaces as well as different options to occupy toddlers. Modern and colorful, it has
sound and light effects that are sure to make your child’s car racing even more realistic. It is suitable from 5 years old.

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2 | Janod service station garage: for toddlers

wooden garage janod gas station

Janod is a French designer renowned for its manufacture of wooden toys. Discover its multicolored, reliable and robust service station garage, designed entirely in wood. Thanks to its manufacturing quality, it will be perfect for the little ones who want to learn about car games, like the older ones. Very complete, it can even be personalized thanks to the sheet of stickers provided. It comes with a few accessories, also in wood, and is suitable from 3 years old.

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3 | Garage with wooden train circuit Little dutch: in wood

Wooden garage with Little Dutch train track

Let your child board the train, bus or taxi to explore every corner of this wooden train circuit. Delivered with more than 100 pieces, this children’s garage will offer your child many possibilities, for playful and creative moments. And if you want to complete this garage, know that you have the possibility of buying extensions, to make the adventure even more beautiful.

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4 | Garage Vilacity 2310 Vilac: to be completed

Garage Vilacity 2310, an ecological children's garage toy

Located in the heart of the Jura, Vilac has been designing toys specially made of wood for the happiness of the little ones, for more than a century now. Discover this large, highly colorful garage, sold with multiple accessories and functions. You can also complete it with extensions of the Vilac brand, such as the petrol station or the large circuit. Your child can enjoy it from 3 years old.

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5 | Homcom 5-level car parking garage: does not take up space

Garage car park child 5 levels blue red yellow

Discover this high-rise garage for exceptional space saving, but without giving up the pleasure! Homcom has created this 5-level car parking garage that features speedy spiral ramps, elevators and a host of other features for hours of fun. Playful and complete, this garage is suitable for all children from 3 to 6 years old. It is made of non-toxic materials.

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6 | Garage Kidkraft: at the mega launch pad

Garage with Kidkraft launch ramp

Make people happy with this complete launch pad garage from Kidkraft. Vast and provided, it will allow your child to propel his cars in the air, for hours of games and entertainment. Your toddler will also be able to imagine scenes from everyday life on the way to the gas station or car wash. Delivered with 5 vehicles, this garage is suitable from 3 years old.

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7 | Hape gas station garage: compact and ecological

Hape Kid's Gas Station Garage

What is obvious when discovering this garage is its total design in quality wood. This robustness will allow you to offer it to a child from 3 years old. The multi-colored Hape Garage and Gas Station has four floors of parking, gas pumps, and helipad markings. In short, everything you need to create scenes of everyday life and make your vehicles wander through the tracks.

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8 | 6-level garage with Theo Klein loop: the Ford garage par excellence

6-level garage with Théo Klein loop

Parking spaces on a total of 6 levels, a vertiginous ramp that propels cars at high speed, a tilting bridge… Here are so many options and accessories that will allow your child to spend perfect moments of play. This garage is both an ideal toy for fun, but also to run his imagination by creating scenes of everyday life. Convertible, it is suitable for children from 3 years old.

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9 | Traditional Dino garage The toy van: typical wood

Wooden Dino Le Toy Van Garage

For the little ones, here is a completely painted wooden garage on three levels. Signed Le Toy Van, this garage has an elevator and two spiral ramps that will allow your toddler to access the different levels. Your child will appreciate its bright and flashy colors, not to mention its stickers that will allow you to personalize your garage to your liking. Your child can play there with his own vehicles or you can also complete this garage with the range of Le Toy Van cars.

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10 | Wooden garage with Egmont toys crane: a real building site!


Egmont Toys is a Belgian brand that offers authentic wooden toys. This wooden garage is an original creation of the brand where you can find all the spirit of Egmont Toys: a playful aspect, a high quality of manufacture, and a wide range of colors. Your child will enjoy settling in comfortably to drive their vehicles around and operate the crane. He will thus be able to transport the containers from one end of the site to the other. Supplied with accessories, it is suitable from the age of 3 years.

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How to choose a child garage?

First of all, it is important to know the main criteria to take into account when choosing your child garage. Size, minimum age, manufacturing materials, accessories provided… These are all elements to consider before making your purchase.

1 – Choose the garage according to the age of the child

There are many models of children’s garages. Wooden garages on which it is possible to drive big cars, garages with lift and more options, maxi-garages with some circuits and slopes… There really is something for everyone… and all ages.

If your child is still small and plays most of the time with big wooden cars, you will need to buy a garage suitable for this type of vehicle. If it is too small, also avoid buying a garage with too many options. He wouldn’t know what to do with it.

A garage with small parts could also be dangerous for younger children. Rest assured, each kid’s garage mentions the appropriate age on the packaging. You shouldn’t make mistakes.

2 – Select a child garage according to your budget

No need to ruin yourself to please your toddler. There are garages for children at all prices. Everything will depend on the design materials, the size of the garage, the options, the accessories provided, and of course the brand. Know that it is quite possible to find a child garage at good value for money.

3 – Opt for reliable and robust manufacturing materials

Kids aren’t always kind to their toys, especially when it comes to getting their cars to race down the tracks. That is why it is better to opt for solid materials. Wood has a long lifespan.

You will have no trouble reusing a wooden toy for the sibling. It is resistant to various manipulations and responds perfectly to current environmental issues. It is therefore also a way to make your child aware of ecology from an early age.

4 – Check garage options

You will find garages that are quite simple in appearance, equipped with a few tracks to drive the cars and nothing else. Then, you will find much more complete models with elevator to raise and lower the cars, garages equipped with ramps to go down the levels, garages with barriers to raise…

Some models also come with accessories and vehicles.

5 – Ask yourself about the place you have

Very often, the car garage, once assembled, remains in place and takes up space. So be sure to choose a model that is not too bulky and that can remain deployed in your toddler’s room so that he can enjoy it whenever he wants.

Some children’s garages are compact, while others take up a lot of space. If space is limited in your toddler’s room, then opt for a high model.

And you ? Which garage did you choose for your child?

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