What changes on November 1 for the household budget: retirement and food pensions, winter break…

Who says first day of the month says news for the expenses and resources of individuals. November 2022 is no exception to the rule.

Sharp increase in Agirc-Arrco supplementary pensions

After a revaluation of 1% in November 2021, Agirc-Arrco supplementary pensions will be increased by 5.12% on Tuesday. A situation that many current retirees from the private sector have never experienced, since it is necessary to go back to the 1980s to find such levels of increase in this system.

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The measure applies to pensions paid on November 2, which retirees will receive in their account in the days that follow. It was decided by the board of directors by the social partners (unions and employers) who co-manage this scheme.

Minimum child support increases by 50%

Another significant increase, that of 50%, of the family support allowance (ASF), which goes from 122.93 euros per month to 184.41 euros. often called “minimum alimony”, this aid concerns, subject to conditions, families for which the fixed alimony is lower than this amount (the family allowance fund then pays a supplement to reach this level). It can also be paid in other situations, for example if no maintenance has been fixed, or as an advance when the other parent no longer pays the maintenance he owes.

As for the ASF paid to families who have taken in a child, it now reaches 245.80 euros, against 163.87 euros so far.

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Extension of the “fuel discount”

The discount of 30 euro cents including tax on fuel prices per liter was to be reduced to 10 cents this 1er November, but a decree published in Official newspaperon October 26, postponed the measure to November 16 (until the end of 2022).

Due to different VAT rates, the tax-inclusive amounts are not the same in Corsica, where the discount will drop on November 16 from 28.25 cents to 9.42 cents, and overseas, where it will drop from 25 cents to 8.33 cents (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Reunion, Mayotte).

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What about the reduction granted in the service stations of TotalEnergie, which is added to that of the government? these “give a discount of 20 euro cents per liter of fuel”and she “will also be extended until November 15”indicates Service-public.fr.

Regulated gas prices still frozen

For the thirteenth month in a row, the regulated gas prices are not modified this 1er November, due to the application of the “tariff shield”. Without this freeze, which is to continue until the end of the year, these rates would have fallen by 5.2% (excluding tax) in November. But they would have increased by around… 185% since October 2021.

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