TOP 9 children’s wooden kitchen

The wooden kitchen is one of the favorite occupations of children. Boys and girls like to imitate mum and dad in the kitchen and concoct delicious meals. Playful and creative, the children’s wooden kitchen also allows the little ones to identify food and distinguish between fruits and vegetables, while having fun.

This is THE toy that is often on the list for Santa Claus. But how to choose the wooden kitchen that will please for sure? Here are all our tips.

Find the best children’s wooden kitchens

You now know all the criteria to take into account when choosing your wooden kitchen. So to help you further, we have selected the best wooden kitchens for children. Discover our TOP 9 and don’t hesitate to share your favorites in the comments.

1 | Homcom corner wooden kitchen: the kitchen that takes place anywhere


Because it is not always easy to find enough space to place your child’s wooden kitchen, Homcom has decided to create a corner model. Ultra realistic, this imitation toy is equipped with numerous high and low storage spaces, a microwave, a washing machine, and a refrigerator. Rich in equipment, this model is no less stingy with accessories. Your child will love it!

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2 | Little Dutch green wooden kitchen: a stylish kitchen


Cute and compact, the green wooden kitchen from Little Dutch is a real gem. Its dimensions and design make it suitable for all spaces. Whether you decide to place it in the living room or in your child’s bedroom, this wooden kitchen does not stand out in any space. Consisting of an oven with door, a sink with tap and multiple accessories, the Little Dutch green wooden kitchen will allow your child to feel like a real chef!

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3 | Wooden kitchen interactive plates Hape Toys: an ultra realistic kitchen


Discover an ultra-complete kitchen with a successful design. This small kitchenette includes the essential appliances of a real kitchen. Plus, it’s super realistic. Indeed, the cooking plates are interactive with light and sound. They make bubbling noises or light up blue with cooking noises. With the Hape Toys kitchen, your child will feel like in a real kitchen.

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4 | Janod maxi lagoon wooden kitchen: a truer-than-life kitchen


With its turquoise colored splashback, this wooden children’s kitchen is ultra realistic. Beyond its unique and worked style, this imitation toy is sold with many accessories. Your child will also appreciate the plates that emit light and sound. Oven, microwave, fridge, freezer… Everything is there to have a good time playing and doing like mum and dad in the kitchen.

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5 | Bon Appétit New Classic Toys wooden kitchen: a complete and aesthetic kitchen


This is a pretty kitchen with everything you need, signed New Classic Toys. New Classic Toys is a Dutch brand that creates traditional toys with a new design. Here, everything is planned so that your child has a wonderful time in the kitchen. Worktop, hood, sink, tap… Everything is very realistic since the buttons on the hobs are audible and this kitchen even has a clock to monitor cooking times.

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6 | Chef Vilac’s wooden kitchen: an all-wood kitchen


Magnificent colours, reasonable dimensions, here is the Vilac wooden kitchen. Delivered with 20 very good quality accessories, this kitchen is accessible to children from 3 years old. It has an oven, a sink with faucet, a microwave oven, as well as multiple shelves. The accessories are realistic to take yourself for a real little chef! You will appreciate the dimensions of this imitation toy which will allow you to place it easily at home.

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7 | Chef Melissa and Doug’s wooden cupcake kitchen: a girly kitchen


Discover this very girly cuisine that will appeal to young chefs, but also to young chefs. Easy to assemble, it includes a fridge, ice maker, gas stove, microwave, sink with faucet and lots of other useful and realistic accessories. Spacious, this wooden kitchen allows several children to play at the same time. Signed Melissa and doug, this imitation toy will delight little budding cooks.

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8 | Cam cam wooden kitchen: a kitchen from another era


Are you looking for a sober and simple wooden children’s kitchen? Here is the Cam cam kitchen: a white wooden kitchen, whose classic touch is sure to brighten up the decoration of your toddler’s room. You will appreciate the design of this classic kitchen. Everything is made of durable wood, except for the sink, which is made of metal. The reversible curtain is in GOTS certified organic cotton. Finally, the finish is made with a VOC-free paint. A fun and healthy gift for your toddler!

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9 | Beeboo multicolored wooden kitchen: an economical kitchen


Are you looking for a quality children’s kitchen, but not too expensive? Beeboo has created a complete and economical model for you. Ideal from 3 years old, this wooden kitchen is equipped with an opening oven, a removable sink and numerous storage spaces. All you need to do is add a few accessories!

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How to choose a wooden kitchen for children?

The imitation kitchen is one of the timeless toys that sit in almost all children’s rooms. There are different sizes, different shapes and multiple models. Enough to lose your Latin! Rest assured, we have grouped together all the criteria to take into account to choose the ideal children’s wooden kitchen.

1 | Check the quality

This is the number 1 criterion when it comes to children’s toys. This is why it is important to prefer a kitchen made of wood rather than plastic if possible. The wooden imitation kitchen is very resistant to shocks. Especially since children are not always tender with their business. It does not contain any substances that are harmful to the health of children, and it is also environmentally friendly.

Finally, the wooden imitation kitchen is often very beautiful and has very realistic finishes. Also remember that the wooden kitchen is a toy that lasts over time and that siblings can reuse. It is therefore important to choose a robust toy, which you can even resell when the children have grown up.

2 | Select a kitchen based on your child’s age

First of all, the age of your child will allow you to choose a wooden kitchen that suits him. Some are really very low and playing there can become unpleasant if your child has to constantly bend over. Conversely, if he does not manage to reach all the functions and utensils, he will not be able to take full advantage of them either.

Taking into account the age of the child also makes it possible to choose a suitable model. For example, if the wooden kitchen has many small parts, it will not be suitable for small children.

3 | Opt for a colorful kitchen

Children love colors and colorful worlds. A wooden kitchen that has elements and utensils in attractive colors will be a hit with children. Try to choose a kitchen whose accessories are very representative of reality.

4 | Check the number of accessories

Frying pans, cutlery, pots, fruits, vegetables… The more wooden children’s kitchens there are, the better! It is true that many kits are also available on the market to complete it, but you might as well choose a model that offers many accessories.

5 | Ask yourself about the space you have

The wooden kitchen is not a toy that can be put away once the play session is over. On the contrary, it must remain installed in your child’s room or in any other place where he can easily access it. It is therefore important to provide sufficient space to install this imitation toy.

And you ? Which wooden kitchen did you choose for your child?

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