Toniebox: a fun and educational storyteller

All children like to be made to dream by telling them stories. Only we sometimes run out of time. Yet the evening story contributes to the development of your little one. It is a moment of sharing for many parents and children.

This activity allows your little one to develop his language, his ability to listen and his concentration. To help you keep the stories going, even when you don’t have time, tonies® offers a storyteller, called the Toniebox, allowing your child to listen to stories independently. The principle ? Every time a little hand puts an adorable figurine named Tonie on it, he embarks on a unique audio adventure.

6 reasons to choose storyteller Toniebox

The Tony Storyteller® offers many benefits to parents and their children.

1 | Listen to a variety of stories to enrich your child’s vocabulary

By dint of listening to stories, children develop their language more. With the storyteller, they will discover new words and new expressions. This toy will help expand their vocabulary and allow them to express themselves better and more.

2 | Introduce him to the traditional tales of your childhood

Traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel are of course part of the audio library offered by tonies®. And are very often used to talk about fears or emotions. By highlighting difficulties and obstacles to overcome, these stories are real life lessons for the youngest.

3 | Give him a playful story box with lots of content

All Tonieboxes are delivered with a Creative Tonie that can hold up to 90 minutes of personalized content (stories read by mum or dad, a playlist, etc.). The free mytonies app allows parents to create and manage this content very easily.

Disney heroes, characters from Paw Patrol® or the Smurfs, nursery rhymes for dancing and having fun, heroes of children’s literature or even educational content… nearly 60 Tonies figurines are to be collected with, as a result, hours of stories to tell.

And because little ears always want more, more than 10 hours of free content can be downloaded from mytonies.

4 | Help your child become independent

Very robust, this story box is perfectly suited to children from 3 years old. They will be able to use it completely independently. The controls of the Toniebox are simple and intuitive. To start listening to the story, just place the Tonie on the storyteller. Tapping on the right or left of the Toniebox allows you to move forward or backward through the chapters of the stories. Pinching the ears adjusts the sound.

5 | Offer your child to become familiar with several languages

Content in foreign languages ​​is also available. This will get your children’s little ears used to English, Spanish and other accents as early as possible. The earlier a child learns a language, the easier it will be assimilated.

6 | Keep your child away from screens

Children today are constantly surrounded by screens. The Toniebox storyteller offers parents and children a disconnect.

You can learn more about the storyteller Toniebox by consulting our dedicated page.

And you, what do you think of the Toniebox? Are you going to give it to your child?

By Elodie

Mother of two children, Elodie recently joined the team to share her vision of a caring and smiling parenthood. Discreet, sensitive and attentive, she pays a lot of attention to others, especially children. Anxious to offer you precise articles, she devotes time and energy to finding the right words, those that will speak to you naturally.

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