Pension reform: you can (already) simulate the impact on your minimum retirement age and full rate

“Am I concerned? This was the question on almost everyone’s lips, Tuesday, January 10, after the presentation of the outline of the pension reform desired by the executive. It is also the name of a simulation tool put online from 8 p.m. that same day, at the request of the government, by Union Retraite, the public interest group that brings together compulsory retirement organizations.

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This simulator is particularly aimed at working people wishing to know the minimum age at which they will be able to retire, whether or not they are concerned by the early retirement scheme for long careers (the possibility of leaving before the legal age when one has started working early). It also indicates the number of quarters that will be required to obtain a full pension (without discount). All this, of course, if the new rules proposed by the executive are voted on and implemented.

The latter intends to gradually reduce the legal retirement age from 62 to 64, and accelerate the extension of the contribution period required for the full rate.

This new tool, “Am I concerned”, is accessible to everyone: no need to have created a “retirement account” (the personal file, online, which summarizes the history of your pension rights) on the site of the Retirement Union, All you have to do is answer a few questions about your situation (date and month of birth, type of professional activity, information on the start of your career, etc.).

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“retirement account”

An example: you indicate that you are an employee of the private sector, born in April 1969, and having validated five quarters before the age of 20, the simulator concludes that you will be able to retire “at the earliest at age 62 provided you have contributed 172 quarters”. It’s more like five quarters before 18? “You can leave at the earliest at age 60 provided you have contributed 176 quarters”answers the tool.

If, in another case, you are an employee born in January 1964, not eligible for early departure for a long career, the tool informs you that “As part of the pension reform project, your legal starting age for this activity will be set at 63 years old” and “the number of quarters required to be entitled to the full rate for this activity will be set at 171 quarters”.

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Be careful not to tangle your brushes: if this reform simulation tool takes into account government announcements, the classic pension simulator, accessible via your “retirement account”, is not updated and does not will not be before the summer of 2023, told us the Retirement Union, which is responsible for information on pensions in France.

Signs of the concerns aroused by the reform project, and the practical questions it generates, the Retirement Union saw many more Internet users scroll through its site than usual in these first days of 2023. Monday January 9, for example, on the eve of the long-awaited announcements, approximately 19,000 retirement accounts have been created by individuals (the cruising speed is rather around 5,000 creations per day). And more than 180,000 people have logged into their account. In total, some eleven million people now have a retirement account.

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