“For the payment of monthly mortgage payments by the borrower’s insurance for families of seriously ill children”

VSach year in France, about ten thousand families have to reduce or suddenly stop their professional activity to support their child affected by cancer, a serious illness or a life accident. If the State accompanies them by granting certain aid such as the daily parental attendance allowance (AJPP) or the education allowance for disabled children (AEEH), the cessation of their activity combined with the low amount of these aid generally leads to a significant drop in income, even though the charges do not drop, or worse, they increase.

Some charities, often run by volunteers, intervene on an ad hoc basis. This is how financial difficulties appear in all strata of society, from single-parent or modest families to the middle classes, impacting the sick child but also the siblings. Among these families, almost a third have a mortgage. This is generally the first source of household expenses. In 2021, the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) estimated the average amount of mortgages over a period of twenty years at 193,000 euros, with a monthly payment of around 1,000 euros. This load continues to increase.

If the insurance can take care of the monthly mortgage payments in the event of serious illness or a disability of the borrower, nothing is planned when it comes to an equivalent situation for his child. And this, even if the borrower has no other choice than to cease his professional activity to accompany his child confronted with heavy and anxiety-provoking medical acts. Nothing is planned either for parents accompanying children at the end of life, especially in the case of pediatric cancer, a pathology which kills five hundred children in France each year, the equivalent of twenty school classes. .

An unprecedented decision in France and painless for the insurer

Faced with this situation, the Eva pour la vie association and the Grandir sans cancer federation have raised awareness among the public authorities and also insurers. We salute the action taken by CNP Assurances and La Banque Postale, which have decided to act by systematically including in their new contracts a “family assistance” guarantee without an increase in contributions. This action ensures that part of the monthly installments of their mortgage are covered. It benefits parents receiving AJPP who have to stop working to support their child with a serious illness, a disability or a life accident.

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